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  • Sell 6298 ALZ @ 1.35

    I love it when a plan comes together. 😀 ALZ may well move back up over 1.40 and I’ve left money on the table. But nobody ever went broke taking a profit. This may well be the bottom of the market but I don’t think so. The Dow and NASDAQ both ended down overnight. The […]

  • Buy 6298 ALZ @ 1.31

    ALZ has come off 15 cents (10.27%) over the last month. There has been some negative research on it. However they pay nice quarterly dividends, so holding at this point is ok if this trade doesn’t go anywhere. ALZ hasn’t announced the next quarterly dividend yet. My sell point is 1.35 for a 3% gain. […]

  • Sell 5745 ALZ @ 1.44

    The pre-determined sell point is reached and my sell order kicks in. As I held for more than 45 days I am eligible for the franking credit. I’ve held for 46 days ;). Return before franking credits 0.03 Dividend 0.04 trading gain 0.07 on 1.40 = 5% for 46 days holding (before brokerage). $402.15 (0.07 […]

  • Foray into CBA Warrants

    A broker from my past called me. He’d changed brokerages with the closure of Barton Capital and asked me if I had a full-service broker. I said I’d give him a go. Full service brokers can be useful in the following areas: 1) Trading out of market hours; 2) Accessing research; 3) Short selling and […]

  • Dividend paid 3 cps

    ALZ held up at 1.40 when it went ex-dividend on 9 August. Very strange I expected it to drop 0.03 to match the dividend. I’m holding for the dividend payment, but have a sell in at 1.44 just in case (that’s just shy of my 3% trading target). [Update] The dividend cheque arrived on Wednesday […]

  • NCP Market Commentary

    I’ve been travelling on business. As it turns out I didn’t have a usable internet link. I’m back today as the market closes on NCP at 9.95. Makes me wish I’d sold all the holding at 10.85 last week. I’m still bearish on the longer term and maybe I should be trading Puts instead. I […]

  • Sell 920 NCP @ 10.85

    NCP opened at 10.90 (up 0.32) and slid down to 10.79 at midday. The entire portfolio is in profit. But I don’t think things have bottomed yet. So I decided to sell half the NCP holding at a close to high price of 10.85 at 3:00pm. I am overweight NCP and that exceeds the 3% […]

  • NCP Market Commentary

    NCP ran up to 10.62 in the first 40 minutes of trade. 10.77 is the price target for the parcel I bought on 25 June. Can it hit it? Maybe. An hour later it’s dipped and come back up to 10.64. Looking good until it stops dead and trades in a 10.58 to 10.60 range […]

  • NCP Market Commentary

    NCP open $10.05, close $10.12, high $10.26, low $10.01 Another roller coaster. By 1:30pm it was on its highs. Sell target is $10.46 or $10,000 worth around $10.17 tomorrow if it doesn’t do much (that’s not likely). That will give me the 3% return. Hmmm time to rethink, maybe I should sell after a down […]

  • Buy 5745 ALZ @ 1.40

    ALZ is Australand. They are property developers. At a Freestyler Network meeting in late July, I was told ALZ paid a 3c fully franked quarterly dividend (ex-div 9-Aug) and the stock was around $1.40. Downside analysis should it become a long term hold: An annualised 8.57% yield before franking credits. My overall portfolio is underweight […]