Month: February 2004

  • Settlement Negotiations 3

    I got an email from The Wicked Stepmother last night seems like she hadn’t received anything back from me or the go-between. Turns out the go-between hadn’t been to his office for the last few days and hadn’t got my email. Oh well. So I replied to her email and spoke to the go-between. (Aside: […]

  • Settlement Negotiations 2

    Got the Heads of Agreement for the settlement today. It is a one-sided document prepared by the other side’s lawyers. In it I promise to do six things and they promise nothing – including no mention of ceasing all actions. Oh well that’s what happens when the other side prepares the documents. Obviously I wont […]

  • Strategic Planning

    I’ve been planning the next steps for my company. We’ve run ads for new distributors, I’ll be interviewing some applicants tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll hand that over to one of the staff as well. Actually that’s interesting because distributors mainly deal with my staff member who does stock allocations. Her role in a retail company may […]

  • Feeling good about bad things?

    I missed an opportunity to chat on ABC Radio Statewide Drive with Brad Storey who asked: I’m working at the ABC radio and looking for someone to comment on the ‘psychology’ of finance. Why the dollar at .80 cents makes us feel good but may not be good for us. Sadly I didn’t check the […]

  • Office Suites

    I’ve moved the company desktop to Mandrake Linux 9.2. There are some teething problems. The most surprising is the timing of double clicks is sufficiently different to our Windows NT boxes that we’ve all noticed it. I don’t run a corporate democracy. I wanted Microsoft products out of my business, so I picked a Linux […]

  • Customer Abuse

    I had one of those unpleasant customer experiences. One of our GSM sim cards has failed. So I walked into the Telstra dealer who does all out business. I explained that the card failed, want a replacement and hope we don’t have to pay for it. Not a chance said he, $33.00 would appear on […]

  • Customer Care

    We sent out a letter (or email) to customers who signed up for our mailing list in last year’s warehouse sale. The only way onto the list was to be a customer last year. There were about 70 names on it as we didn’t start collecting addresses until late in the sale. The letter offered […]

  • Systems at work

    Good to see Bruce Whiting get good coverage in today’s Enterprise section of the Sydney Morning Herald . It’s a pity I can’t find a link to that section on the SMH site. Bruce is MD of The Mint Group; and co-author with John Burley of Money Secrets of the Rich among other talents. I’ve […]

  • Design Changes

    I’m gradually restoring the design elements of WealthEsteem. Those of you who remember it should be happy. Given the improvements to WordPress I’m going to redo the design from the ground up so in the meantime I’ve used the simple_sky style by Chris M of Thanks Chris it looks great. Let me know if […]

  • Settlement Negotiations

    The AVO hearing in the Succession Wars was this morning. Last week I sent an emissary to try yet another settlement – I asked to find out what they want.. This time we got results. The Geezer and The Wicked Step-Mother told us what they want to go away. Now I need to decide if […]