Month: October 2003

  • Warehouse Sale

    This weekend (1st and 2nd November) we’re having a warehouse sale. It’s at 20 Stennett Road Ingleburn NSW. Take the Ingleburn Industrial Estate exit off the M5 and we’re 3 km from there. I’m clearing all the ceramics and lots of books and toys. Mostly below cost. Drop by if you can. I signed off […]

  • Short history of losing a fortune Part 1

    In this comment Rob Rooland asked Anyhow back to your site – I have enjoyed reading through the last two yeaars of your journal but want to know more regarding yourself, your history, brief details of how someone looses a fortune, and what your goals and aspirations are. Do you have a brief autobiography writen? […]

  • It’s Only Money

    Money is a medium of exchange. That means it has no intrinsic value beyond what its holder can exchange it for. There is zen-like power in understanding that. Mastery of my emotions around money leads to mastery over money. Money becomes merely a score-card. Some days are a winner, other days aren’t so great. My […]

  • Mooter Search Engine

    I saw a link to the beta of a new Australian search engine called Mooter. Be gentle on the server folks. It’s also a bit buggy. However it is exciting for two reasons. Firstly it uses a clustering approach to help you narrow down what you are looking for. It actually helps you while you […]

  • Mutual Assured Destruction

    I am feeling quite down this evening, as I hear about the various family events my father will avoid because he doesn’t feel comfortable around me. I think the step-mother has finally got her wish and isolated him fully. I don’t understand how that improves the standing of my kid brother at all. On the […]

  • The Right Thing

    I had a conversation with a staff member yesterday. We have a supplier who has a big problem with their outsourced warehouse operation, the outsourcers aren’t shipping product. We are awaiting delivery of 1,000 stuffed dogs and owe this supplier about $11,000 due at the end of this month (for product we already have). It […]

  • Housing Bubble

    There is constant speculation in the media that the Australian Real Estate market is in a bubble. I swore off making economic predictions in 1992 when I retired the word Ecomonist from my CV. So don’t expect a lot of econometric data to support this post. I don’t think current capital city prices make sense […]

  • On MBA’s

    In MBA’s, DBA’s and all Business degrees from B Bus to D Bus there are two conflicting forces. 1) In a university context there is a academic imperative which favours scholarly research, published papers and the number of PhD’s in the department. 2) Within the client context (students and sponsoring employers) there is a practical […]

  • Casual Leasing – Wrap-up

    As I posted earlier Friday sales were a ripper. Saturday sales were 70% of Friday’s and quite good. Sunday was one sale short of being the third best day, so I tasted bitter disappointment. Daily Sales as a percentage of Total Sales Monday 5.1% Tuesday 13.5% Wednesday 8.6% Thursday 10.8% Friday 27.1% Saturday 22.6% Sunday […]

  • Young and Foolish

    My friend Sim’ asked Paul, during your journey to earn a second fortune do you find yourself ever entertaining strategies that are similar to those which caused you to “foolishly misplace” the first? Are you the type of person who is naturally drawn to “wild schemes” and “flights of fancy”? Or was it more of […]