Month: October 2002

  • Three Small Units

    Ok so I’m late on the details. If you were hanging out so much you could have left a comment on the original entry. But it’s ok the logs tell me a lot of you are coming back regularly. The advertising was for a deceased estate auction $160K+ buyers for three 1 bedroom units. I […]

  • Sell 1040 NCP @ 10.84

    I need the cash for another investment and the sell price represents a 10% gain on entry price of $9.85 so I’m taking profits. I have a sell in for CSR @ 5.63 but I don’t think it will hit this 3% price target today. Don’t you hate it when plans change? CSR was a […]

  • Bidding at Auction

    I bought 3 Kings Cross units at auction this evening. I’ll post the details tomorrow. I always get scared when bidding. “What if I this is all a very big mistake?” goes my self talk. I’ve bid at more than few auctions, been under-bidder often but only won an Auction four times before this. Maybe […]

  • Server Slow

    This poor server seems to be struggling a bit. So it will be replaced in the next week. During that time and for about 1 hour the site will be off-line. I’ll post an update before it happens but I don’t know how much notice you’ll get. In the meantime thanks for persevering with the […]

  • Location Lie

    “The past 12 months has seen huge growth in Sydney’s western suburbs, with the top five local government areas for growth Concord (nearly 26 percent), Camden (23 percent), Fairfield (nearly 21 percent), Blacktown (20 percent) and Burwood (nearly 20 percent).” A Current Affair story. So is location^3 a lie? Well, mostly yes. Every suburb has […]

  • Another bubble measure

    Negative gearing has a lot to answer for. I was sent an article with this quote buried deep in it. “If you desire to identify potentially overpriced markets, compare the monthly cost of owning a given home to the monthly cost of renting that same home. After factoring in taxes, if owning costs significantly more […]

  • Meaning of Median

    In Housing Boom I touched on a price-to-income measure for the state of the housing boom. For those who missed it, I simply questioned the disconnect between property prices and household wages. There is a flaw in my logic. Median priced homes are not bought by median income earners in every suburb. In Sydney’s eastern […]

  • NCP Commentary

    I did have a sell order in for my remaining NCP @ 10.46 but I cancelled it. If I’m betting the market will consolidate over the next few days, then NCP should follow. I could sell as insurance but given how long I’ve gone on BHP it doesn’t really make sense. NCP spent most of […]

  • Buy 1831 CSR @ 5.46

    This is not strictly a trading position. But If it jumps I’ll take it. Given the perilous state of the stock market I’ve been keeping an eye out for value stocks that pay consistent dividends, represent a discount to NTA and have good businesses. CSR was one of the ones on the list and is […]

  • Buy 5000 BHP @ 9.95

    Andy, my full service broker called me today. There must be something about having an unused margin facility that makes these guys nervous ;). Anyhow he gave good spiel so I thought I’d give it a go. Andy’s 5 good reasons to buy BHP under $10.00 Market should be up – Microsoft released a ripper […]