Using Technology

I was an early adopter of email. As spam becomes an immense problem, I am looking at technology solutions to keep the signal-to-noise ratio acceptable.

One way has been through clever spam filtering.

The other is to explore RSS. If any of you are using the RSS feed from this site, please let me know how you find it and what aggregator software you are using. I’m pretty sure RSS will become my only online “news” subscription service.

As I’m setting it up here at WealthEsteem HQ, I’ll explain it in the next post.


I have been looking very intensely at my business model recently. We’ve been doing business the same way for the last 10 years. I see my market has changed, but suspect we could soldier on for a while as smart and efficient operators.

However is that the best use of my capital and time? Shouldn’t we exit a mature market and seek better returns elsewhere? What if the market changes are a temporary or aberrant? Can’t I stay doing what is familiar and comfortable.

But what if this chopping and changing, undermines the consistant historical success we’ve enjoyed?

There aren’t simple answers. However I think my market has changed and it would cost a six figure investment to keep the company competitive. Returns on that investment would be average for a mature market.

To to re-engineer the company and seek new markets.