Category: Trading Diary

  • Buy 5745 ALZ @ 1.40

    ALZ is Australand. They are property developers. At a Freestyler Network meeting in late July, I was told ALZ paid a 3c fully franked quarterly dividend (ex-div 9-Aug) and the stock was around $1.40. Downside analysis should it become a long term hold: An annualised 8.57% yield before franking credits. My overall portfolio is underweight…

  • Buy 1010 NCP @ 9.85

    Ouch another fall. Maybe I’m trying to learn Dollar Cost Averaging? I think it is not a good strategy for a trader. The case for is at Motley Fool. The case against is at Investopedia University.

  • Buy 950 NCP @ 10.46

    Time for another foray. I think NCP has fallen enough to jump back in.

  • Sell 820 NCP @ 12.99

    Nice profit for two weeks holding. For those who don’t want to work it out it is 6.48% before commissions.

  • Buy 820 NCP @ 12.20

    I’ve been trading NCPDP and other stuff without much success over the last month (nor keeping a diary). I return to a stock I think I know something about. But my position size is scaled back to $10,000.

  • Sell 2602 NCP @ 12.80

    Glad to be out with a tiny profit. It will probably jump up a bit, but the trend is down.

  • Buy 652 NCP @ 11.96

    It seemed too cheap.

  • Buy 1950 NCP @ 12.80

    Back from holidays and NCP is down again. So like a moth to flame I jump back in.

  • Sell 1940 NCP @ 13.34

    On holidays in Queensland and having a losing open position is stressing me. Sell so I can at least enjoy my holiday. Plus I can return and trade without waiting for my stocks to recover.

  • Trading Diary Corrupted

    Stuff happened (in an earlier version of the website) and this diary was lost. I’ve rebuilt the trading history from my records (and a backup) but have don’t have all the reasoning. Often on the losing trades that follow there was a day or two when the sell target was reached, but I didn’t have…