Month: September 2003

  • Survival of the Smartest?

    I’ve posted before that being smart is not always a good thing. I believe an enthusiastic bias-to-action coupled with sensible risk taking will outperform a risk-averse solution under most measures. I’m talking about business and investment here not space exploration or surgery. Ben Hyde at Ascription is an anathema to any enthusiasm pointed out this […]

  • 1000 unique visitors

    Wow. Over the weekend we crossed 1000 unique visitors threshold for September. That’s a fantastic growth rate for this blog without promotion. Some September statics 16.6% of the page-view traffic comes from search engines. Nearly 20% of that search engine traffic is from Tony Robbins searchers. Another 15% of that traffice is looking for Steve […]

  • Picking great advisors

    I got this question from an unknown reader: how much is a high net worth individual? I remember Paul when you said that part of the reason that you went bust during the last property boom was that you should of upgraded your advisors. When should one go to a guy like Batten or his […]

  • Character and Principles

    I don’t think think anybody is interesting until they’ve had the shit kicked out of them — Jim Carey This quote has been bouncing around my head for a month since I heard it on a doco about Jim Carey. It says something about a persons character. Can I go through nasty times and retain […]

  • Guru critique

    Tony Robbins and Unleash the Power Within is upon Sydney. There is a huge amount of search engine traffic through looking for comment and critique. NigelW, another very smart person I know, made this comment on Personal Development Industry guru’s. I’m becoming more and more convinced that the whole “personal development” industry is just […]

  • Go into business

    I read this post over at the Somersoft Property Investors Forum. I found it very hard when I realised I was working hard to build someone else’s dream. Starting or buying a business often appeals as a perfect solution. But getting into business may not be the best approach. We’ve all had friends unhappy in […]

  • Structured Giving

    In a recent post at Michael Simmons – Young Entrepreneur Journey: To Give or Not to Give wrote: Living in the big city, I’m asked for money about 10 times a day. I probably give money about 2 out of the 10 times depending on how much money I have, how bad I feel, and […]

  • Laughter

    I subscribe to the Bothwell Group Management Thought of the Week e-mail. I can’t find last week’s thought on their website or I’d post a link. So here it is in full… My grandfather always said that if I laughed before I cried and sang before I spoke I was a happy guy. Laughter was […]

  • Maintenance

    We (and all the others on this server) have recently been hammered by bots (and spiders) indexing and otherwise slurping this website. After a group of them from NameProtect grabbed 15 megabytes of bandwidth I decided to do something. After many false starts and misadventures I believe I’ve set things up so bad bots will […]

  • Free Favours

    On occassion I’ve bought lunch for an entrepreneur or investor for in return for the opportunity to pick their brain. It is a fascinating and rewarding passtime. So when I read Philis Rockower’s latest Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles newsletter, I got a short sharp shock. Many newbies always expect they can take […]