Survival of the Smartest?

I’ve posted before that being smart is not always a good thing. I believe an enthusiastic bias-to-action coupled with sensible risk taking will outperform a risk-averse solution under most measures. I’m talking about business and investment here not space exploration or surgery. Ben Hyde at Ascription is an anathema to any enthusiasm pointed out this […]

1000 unique visitors

Wow. Over the weekend we crossed 1000 unique visitors threshold for September. That’s a fantastic growth rate for this blog without promotion. Some September statics 16.6% of the page-view traffic comes from search engines. Nearly 20% of that search engine traffic is from Tony Robbins searchers. Another 15% of that traffice is looking for Steve […]


We (and all the others on this server) have recently been hammered by bots (and spiders) indexing and otherwise slurping this website. After a group of them from NameProtect grabbed 15 megabytes of bandwidth I decided to do something. After many false starts and misadventures I believe I’ve set things up so bad bots will […]