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NCP Market Commentary

NCP ran up to 10.62 in the first 40 minutes of trade. 10.77 is the price target for the parcel I bought on 25 June. Can it hit it? Maybe.

An hour later it’s dipped and come back up to 10.64. Looking good until it stops dead and trades in a 10.58 to 10.60 range until 3:00.

Then it broke down below 10.58. I think it’s peaked for the day. I decide to sell 945 at 10.60 in case it comes back. I’ll let the other 1015 NCP ride the market.

But the sale doesn’t go through and NCP closes at 10.58. I expect a bad night on Wall Street so it may take a while to come back. We’ll see tomorrow.

Buy 5745 ALZ @ 1.40

ALZ is Australand. They are property developers.
At a Freestyler Network meeting in late July, I was told ALZ paid a 3c fully franked quarterly dividend (ex-div 9-Aug) and the stock was around $1.40.
Downside analysis should it become a long term hold:

  • An annualised 8.57% yield before franking credits.
  • My overall portfolio is underweight Sydney real estate (I’m bearish on it but I’ve been wrong before). So stock market exposure to the property market.