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Lawyer appeal BSD

Jerome Cornejo profile pic
Jerome Cornejo profile pic

I received the following email from Jerome Cornejo. The email address has this profile picture associated with it. Nice beach scene. Pity it is only 70×70 pixels in size.

From: Jerome Cornejo <[redacted]>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018 12:27:18 +0300
Subject: Lawyer appeal BSD
To: Paul Zagoridis

Dear Paul.

We ask you to delete the full information about the company BSD in the daytime.

Due to the fact that we have not received a response from you on our official letter, we are forced to take corresponding action. For your false accusations against the Company BSD we are forced to file a lawsuit and defend the name of the Company in a court. You will have to answer in a court for the harm done to the company and people who lost their jobs, and also pay millions of dollars for caused damages.

I think he’s claiming to be a lawyer for BSD but it isn’t clear. It just stopped. There is no footer, or signature section with the usual corporate or lawyer guff. And no title, contact details or anything else.

There is a Microsoft Word attachment which could be a payload for all manner of malware. I very gingerly opened it in Google Drive.

No letterhead, names, addresses, phone numbers or other contact details, just text reproduced in full below.

Dear Paul!

We are obliged to inform you that your unreasonable claims and accusations regarding BSD Trade Service Corp activity caused great damage to the Company. The number of negative and false publications on your website impacted the Company’s activity.

All these people suffered from false publications on your website that adversely affected on Company’s reputation and caused financial losses.
BSD Trade Service Corp values its reputation and does not carry out any unlawful actions in which it was accused. We work in accordance with all laws and regulations established by Labor and Employment Department of our country. We said about this in a letter that we sent you earlier.
As we explained on the our previous reply letters Bsd provides Bpo services and has nothing to do with financial advisory.

Bsd is proud with the services that it provides,more than that with all the false information that you published on your website there is zero complaints from HQ broker clients at any level and this mean a lot,this mean that HQ broker that is our respectable client is working by the rules and regulations of the financial industry,more than that if there are clients that are not satisfied from HQ services they are more than welcome to withdrawal their capital at any time.

Due to the fact that we have not received a response from you on our official letter, we are forced to take corresponding action. For your false accusations against the Company BSD we are forced to file a lawsuit and defend the name of the Company in a court. You will have to answer in a court for the harm done to the company and we are suing you personally as well for damages and defamation you caused to Bsd worldwide,the value of the damages is millions and you can assure that with our legal team you will pay us all the damages personally.

The management.

I sent the following reply

Dear Jerome

Without Prejudice

I request further and better particulars, specifically

  • the name of your firm,
  • the name of the client you are representing,
  • for the avoidance of doubt, the address of the client,
  • your legal mailing address,
  • your address for service of documents,
  • your telephone number, and
  • your Roll of Attorney’s Number

I am surprised that you contacted me from a gmail email address rather than a professional firm address. Should I infer that you have not received instructions from your client?

I have not received any official letter before this email, other than an unsigned, unattributed and unverifiable message via my contact page claiming to be from “BSD Trade Services Corp. administration” on 15 June 2018 which I addressed at as well as in my message via BSD Trade Services Contact page. Given the lack of names, capacity and addresses on this email plus the dubious and unverifiable gmail source, it is not unreasonable to doubt the authenticity of all such messages.

Furthermore, by using the subject “Lawyer Appeal BSD” and threatening legal action you are passing yourself off as a lawyer. Given there is no lawyer called Jerome Cornejo licensed to practice law in either the Philippines or Australia I contend that you are falsely representing yourself as an attorney. Such deceptive trade practices could be the basis of a civil and criminal complaints against you. Of course I could be misinformed and I look forward to receiving confirmation of your bona fides.

However given the allegedly fraudulent business practices of HQ Broker, BSD Trade Services, GWU Marketing Corp, and other individuals and entities in this enterprise, I wonder if you really exist or is this just another email alias (a.k.a. sock puppet) in a web of deceit?

Should you reply with the requested further and better particulars, I will then address the substance of your letter.

Paul Zagoridis

3 thoughts on “Lawyer appeal BSD”

  1. Nice reply Paul.

    The BSD letter is a D grade effort. Several things strike me about it.

    Foremost, genuine “Cease and Desist” letters are sent by an organisation’s lawyers, who will be an established, identifiable legal firm and available for contact. This is not the case.

    Next, they will clearly spell out who their client is. Aside from the abbreviation “BSD” this is not the case.

    Then, they will spell out what legal jurisdiction they are operating under, and under what governing law any action will take place. The letter deliberately avoids mentioning this.

    Finally legal correspondence, even where subject to translation, tend to use precise and unambiguous language. This one is closer to pigeon English.

    All this aside from coming via gmail, on behalf of a “client” who is subject to numerous complaints all over the web.

    The good news is they must be bothered at least a little by your website to show these signs of desperation.

    Oh, and a word of advice to Mr Cornejo and BSD should you happen to read this. If I were you, I would get myself some genuine, competent legal representation. I have the oddest feeling that you’re going to need it before too long.

    Regards, KP.

  2. Jerome sent the following email with the url misspelled as corrected by

    Dear Paul.
    On June 15, 2018 you were officially sent a letter. In this letter there was an appeal from the company BDD, which you placed on your website

    Please specify the correct address for the court:
    Address:PO Box 617,Potts Point,NSW,Australia
    Telephone:[redacted but easy to find]
    Mobile Phone:[redacted but easy to find]

    1. Also sent via email


      You do not seem to understand the meaning of the words “official”, “letter” and “company”

      There is no dispute that I received a message on 15 June 2018. This can never be legally considered a “letter”.

      There is no dispute that the contents of that message are substantially reproduced at

      There is dispute at the source of that message. As I wrote, I wish I knew who wrote it, but it states no name or capacity beyond “represent”. The email address used to post the message is a generic role-based address not usually used for such communication. It doesn’t state the legal entity or address of the entity. As it is a malformed message, it is impossible to respond.

      There is dispute as to who is actually making these appeals. None of the communication with originates from a business email address, with a verifiable name. No phone numbers or addresses are provided.

      If you wish to request the removal of anything from you are hereby instructed to provide the following:

      * url of the page your request pertains to text or image you are requesting removed
      * name, address, phone and email address of the business organisation making the request
      * name, address, phone and email address of the individual responsible for the request
      * authorisation/capacity for individual making the request
      * grounds for making the request

      This is quite simple procedure that the internet has adopted for nearly 20 years. If you want something removed, explain where it is, what it is, who you are, who you represent, and why you request it be removed.

      Until you can provide that information I cannot tell if you are actually BSD or an impersonator. There have been many BSD impersonators on this site.

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