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HQBroker.com scam

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): HQ Brokers is a scam. Even ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) thinks so.

I just got a cold call from +44 22 0296 9287 claiming to be from HQBroker. They claimed to allow trading in “international markets” including “the big four – Stocks, Currencies, Commodities and Indexes”. I asked on which exchanges can I trade and they seemed to be confused by that question. NYSE, ASX, NASDAQ, LSE who knows.

They claimed that 20% of their clients were in Australia. More on that later.

They claim they are “regulated” and “licensed” but when I challenged that claim they started naming large American financial institutions that provide “liquidity guarantees” to them. Their website states they are licensed in Poland [updated 4 June 2018]. Without an Australian Financial Services (AFS) Licence, I pointed out that they were making an illegal brokering solicitation in Australia. They said that opening an Australian office is difficult but that as soon as they have 1000 active traders they will do it.

Aside: If 20% of their clients is less than 1000 traders then they have less than 5000 clients, right?

The “securities manager” I was now talking to said they were a large “international company” trading in “international markets”, surely their IP address would be blocked if they were not regulated and licensed in Australia. I pointed out that Australia currently only blocks piracy sites.

While unlicensed, cold-call, broking solicitation is illegal in Australia, that wasn’t where it got really scary.

The zinger? HQBroker offered “software with 100% successful record that monitors the market 20 times a second, 5 days a week, 24 hours a day”. Even forex markets are closed once the New York market closes on Friday afternoon (local time) until Sydney opens on Monday morning (local time). In reality that means there is about a day and a half that we can’t trade retail forex. Interbank forex is manned 24/7 but retail investors can’t access that market.

I honed in on that 100% success claim. Nobody (and no AI) hits on every trade, some trades just don’t pay off. But they wouldn’t budge, they proudly said “risk free”, then “money back guarantee” if I tried their three day trial on a $250USD account opening deposit. After 3 days I could withdraw my original deposit and any gains-if there were any losses they’d refund the deposit in full.

This mysterious software not only gives trade signals but actually opens and closes trades on their international markets. It uses “mathematical models” to automatically trade for you.

Again, I expressed my skepticism at the 100% successful trade claim. “Impossible!” I exclaimed. The system has “automatic stop loss and take profit”. Stop loss? Aha! So losses are possible. “No,” he said, “because trading pairs move in sync like USD/Gold. When one is falling the other is rising.” So now HQBroker is back to pitching binary options trading as fool-proof, no-risk, guaranteed triple-digit-percentage returns.

At that point I’d finished my lunch and wanted to get back to working so I hung up, I’d wasted 48 minutes of their time while eating my lunch. A pleasant distraction.

A quick google search will show HQBroker is very poorly reviewed, with it’s corporate structure best described as “murky”.

Update: 4 April 2018 10:24 AEST: The comments section is getting some traction so I’ll leave it as a bit of a free-for-all for now. There is rudimentary anti-spam checking but that’s it. I cannot confirm identity of any or all commentators below.

Remember: On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.

Update: 10 May 2018 Got a call with the exact same MO today from 03 9077 1873 but this time promoting Financials Trading Online which is listed as a scam on ASIC’s MoneySmart website. Either H Q Brokers are moving on or it’s a variation on the same scam.

Big update: 4 June 2018

[1]  Capzone Ltd (and A.K.A Hokkaido Investments Sp) is now listed on ASIC’s MoneySmart website, with the Marshall Island’s address but HQBroker email and website. Those links open MoneySmart’s website.

[2] The company behind HQBroker is Capzone Ltd originally listed as in the Marshall Islands and/or Poland, now claiming to be in Hong Kong. So they’ve started the shell game of changing structures. They give Capzone Ltd  “operational address” as 7/F, Low Block, Grand Millennium Plaza, 181 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong. No registered office or other legal domicile.

[3] The digital marketing and spin doctoring has begun:

  1. They brag about a “3 star” review on FXEmpire with a self-created award wreath but don’t link to it. I’ve linked to it and add your review to let people know.
  2.  They brag about a “3 star Premium Quality” at Finance Magnates with a self-created seal. But Finance Magnates don’t provide reviews. They only have a “directory listing” called a review and the “contact us directly” form goes straight to HQBrokers. People could report the listing to Finance Magnates using the form on the home page.
  3. Digital Marketing Services are provided by Pure Marketing Corp Ltd (I can’t find them yet).
  4. Their website now has instant message chat.

[4] H Q Brokers now does not offer services in USA, France and Hong Kong. Further evidence of avoiding prosecution at “home” and in aggressive jurisdiction that will prosecute foreign companies without a presence in those jurisdictions.

Update 21 June 2018

We received an Official letter from HQBroker and an Official Letter from BSD Administration. Check them out and let me know what you think on those posts.

There are also 2 comments pending with glowing reviews but fake email addresses and fake IP addresses. I’m waiting for the authors to confirm their email addresses before approving the comments. They still haven’t confirmed.

Update 27 June 2018

BSD Trade Services is possibly reduced its work due to recent police raids on similar BPO’s, but their sibling organisation GWU Marketing Corp has picked up the slack and is operating out of Clark CFEZ Philippines. Specific commentary on GWU and BSD will be on their linked posts. Please post any news about GWU or BSD there.

Update 3 July 2018

After the BSD & GWU updates with photos of key staff on Thursday, the server was attacked with 108,954 visitors over 4 days. That’s 1000 viewers per hour! Not really that much traffic and the server hummed along. You can see the analytics of the attack here https://bitly.com/2lHeI0c+

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  1. Hello, Korneichuk! I also suffered from this broker. I propose to get together and go to their office. I wrote you a letter and I’m waiting for your answer. Unsung hero, it would be nice if you joined us. Write please how we can find them


    PAUL AND EVERYONE, i would like to share new information.
    Allow me to post a link of a website which I can’t be tracked. Link is 100% safe.

    I may have the names of the persons or owners of BSD trade services corp which is the site of HQ broker in the philippines. I snag this on the department of labor and employment. This are applications for alien employment permits or AEP’s. Dont ask where i got this. The names in the picture are might responsible for the scams as well. I’m not sure on that but one thing’s for sure. These are the persons who make the operation of BSD possible. Enjoy because i have difficulty in getting these.

    Edit: Wealthesteem.org here’s the photo from the link BSD Trade Service Corporation Responsible owners: Laurent Ounroth (Dehasse) & Niav-Nasim Hashoshan

    1. Hi guys, if theres someone who can help you, i think i’m the right person, i worked there for about 6mos, and i’m currently working as an utility stuff, i’m stuck, i have no choice but to work for this company since i already have 2children i really need money, i will give all the information you needed i just need my protection and money so that i can start a better life.

  3. As of now they stopped operation. They left the building where they are operating. They are hiding. But once we have info we will let you know where they are but they are in the philippines in clark. All of their brokers are not license they just promote them. Fakes. Scammers. They saved all of the card info the client gave to them. So if you gave your card info. Blocked them. They can take money without your authorization. They have processor to do that.

  4. Hi Anon, i dont know how to get your email addressto get more info.

    I want to write to our Presidents Action Center pcc@malacanang.gov.ph to air my concern with this company. I have tried this once and they do address your concern right away by coordinating with different govt agencies.

    I cant share my email add in public since i use it in all my personal dealings.

    Appreciate your help kabayan.

  5. Thanks for your posts, unsung hero! But why do you use a new nickname? “Unsung hero III”. Does it mean something..?
    And thanks to all of you. We need to stick together!

    1. for security purposes laurel. In the mean time, I’m gathering all of the facebook accounts/ pictures of the managers, team leads, shift managers, swipers(or the people who get your credit cards) or any people with position and compiling them and I will be releasing them here. I’m halfway done

  6. I was shocked when I saw this.I had 2 people from the brocker who were managing my account.Now it’s supported by the third one.His name is Vitaliy.He told me that their company is based in Singapore but there was nothing told about anything connected with the other countries which some of you’ve mentioned here.I don’t know what should I do with this info and how to behave with the manager now…

  7. I can not withdraw 300 dollars. I left the application for withdrawing money, but it’s already been two days, and the answer came to me. At first I was not nervous, but today I found this site and I’m already afraid that I will not get my money. I saw that some people got their money. What do I need to do to pick them up. Tell me please!

  8. Anon, I already did it) I wrote to Korneichuk (she left her email in this topic) and we collect information that we know. Korneichuk received letters from a few more clients of HQ, with whom we are now in touch. I think there’s no point in creating another one email.

  9. Hello everyone,

    I’m BSD employee, and the things that i read here are just not true!
    BSD is a BPO company who provide services to various types of industry for open account, customer services, call center for outbound sales and ore.

    there is no boiler room. BSD is working under CDC and deployment of labor permits. they are not like IBD, not even similar.

    1. Hi Jun, you commented here without using a BSD email address. Do you not have one? Feel free to ask a senior executive to comment using a BSD email address.

      More that one person has provided evidence that BSD Trade Corp is behind HQBroker.com.

      BSD Trade Corp Pte Ltd has advertised itself as

      One of the largest and most acredited online brokerage from Europe. Holding company to multiple online trading platforms in the area of stocks, indices, forex and commodities.

      It could be there are two similarly named companies. However most of the phone calls to me and others have come from Filipino accents, not Singaporean.

      HQ broker has sent “representatives” who have not answered any questions in an effort to confuse customers. So you’ve got one chance here to explain that your company is not involved.

      1. Hello Paul,

        I’m sending this response now with the use of BSD’s official email.

        In regard to your statement, what “evidence” are you pertaining to? A random person who claims that BSD has 2 campaigns for Forex company? Just to clarify, BSD is an operating BPO company that provides services to various types of industries, including a call center that makes outbound calls to clients, customer service, open accounts, and more.

        We have no connection with the other BSD you have mentioned, and I can confirm that it is just another company with a similar name.

        To throw a brighter light, we are also providing BPO services for HQ broker, like we to many other companies, but do not be confused between the two. HQ broker is not BSD, and vice versa, as we are just catering them with the services available in our company.

        And to Unsung Hero:
        Firstly, as I have mentioned, BSD and IBD are not alike. The only similarity between the two companies is that ther both call centers. However, I would like to clarify that we do not operate like a “boiler room”, and due to the objectionable comparison, it is stated on the contract that working for IBD may cause a 1 million-peso fine.

        Secondly, in reference to the information that CDC forcefully shut down BSD, I attest that this news is not true. BSD is fully operating normally.

        And lastly, I would like to reiterate that we provide services to various types of companies, hence the providing of campaigns including to fx companies and to many others.

        1. Hello Jun,

          I don’t think you are operating normally yet.

          The customer support phone and chat were inactive last Friday and Monday. Server were mostly down too.

          Customer support was already available yesterday but told us that brokers and finance is not yet available and no definite time they could give. All this due to maintenance of the system? Without any notice? Were are the brokers now, at least they should have called to inform us.

          I believe unsung hero that BSD instructed their employees not to report to office after IBDs raid. The maintenance is not mere coincidence.

          So can you tell us when will the brokers and finance team be available?

          1. Hey Dave,

            Again, just to clarify, BSD provides limited services to HQ broker. We do not handle and support their financial services, so our company has nothing to do with their system malfunction and other website issues.

            Therefore, the company cannot speak of whether when their teams will be available. I hope that’s not too hard to understand for you.

            1. Hey Jhun,

              HQ Broker customer service is BSD employees using BSD BPO system, right? So BSD’s system is out last Friday and Monday which the customer service apologized due to system maintenance. Is hope this is not hard to understand. Yet you claim your operating normally. I know your customer service are Filipino, i can tell by their accent since I’m a Filipino too.

              If it’s BSD system failure? Where are the brokers and finance team? Did they have system failure too or hiding? Cant get hold of any of them yet to date and support is useless.

        2. well jun i went to the office of BSD a while ago and I laughed when i didn’t saw your office in the mercedes building. you were replaced by an “eco cafe” sort of office. Lol stop lying jun. You won’t fool anything here. BSD is fully operating normally, I have the screenshots of the managers telling agents that BSD is officially shut down until further notice. thoughts? 😀

    2. hi jun. so it is not true? is that why in the training, the trainers are letting us watch the boiler room scenarios where we can get their line to use them on the customers? your campaigns are hq broker and fsm smart right? you don’t have real broker license and hq broker and fsm smart is not registered with FCA for UK and ASIC in AU? if it’s not true, why CDC kicked out BSD in their office? thoughts?


    1. BSD is allegedly the company behind HQBrokers. There is evidence BSD claimed to be the holding company.

      Philippine Police raided the IBD boiler room on 6 June 2018, arresting 8 Israeli citizens and 474 Filipinos. Unsung Hero allegedly has a BSD employment contract to prevent him working at IBD within 6 months of leaving BSD or he must pay a 1M peso fine.

      That proves that BSD saw IBD as a competitor in the same business as them.

      1. Hi Paul,

        Again, BSD is a BPO firm, hence its provision of services to HQ broker, which include customer support service and first deposit service. We do not handle HQ broker’s clients, and we most especially do not give HQ broker nor their clients financial advice since this is NOT included in our business and services.

        What is the evidence you’re speaking of? I don’t see a verifiable and factual evidence, aside from an obviously opinionated information stated by a random person.

        All claims declared here are untruthful and inaccurate, and are utterly disfiguring BSD’s reputation which we are completely opposed of. We practice genuine obedience to our country’s laws and regulations as set from the Department of Labor and Employment, and we will not allow these false claims to mess our image up. I strongly urge for these comments to be deleted.

        1. In what capacity are you opposing the claims?

          In what capacity are you urging the comments to be deleted?

          The evidence is amassing and it is not just from one random person.

          You have admitted BSD runs HQBroker’s customer service and first deposit service. That puts BSD firmly in breach of Australian, New Zealand, British, South African and Canadian law. Bad news you’re also in breach of Philippine law.

          In facilitating the international electronic transfer of funds pursuant to a financial scam BSD, it’s employees, principals and agents are also guilty of money laundering, fraud and securities fraud. Any claim that you do not provide financial advice fails immediately once you take the initial deposit. The solicitation and acceptance of investment funds means you have provided investment advice.

          In claiming to be regulated when you are not is also fraud. So every customer service transaction that BSD facilitated was faciitating fraud.

          In the USA they have RICO Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, it has equivalents around the world. It’s what they are getting the corrupt FIFA and UN officials on. That’s what they will use on BSD too.

  10. For coverage of the raids on IBD in the Phillipines see a Times of Israel story at :


    Note that this story also states “According to Philippine police, IBD Marketing operated as a call center on behalf of an online trading site called FTOCapital.com, whose call center operators tried to persuade investors to invest in bitcoin. ..They allegedly used false names and claimed to be based in London.”

    FTO Capital is another scam organisation, that Paul has a separate post about on this website. We strongly suspect that FTO Capital and HQ Broker are connected, which provides another link HQ Broker and IBD.

  11. Oh please jun. The only service bsd is servicing is hq broker and fsm smart. Customer service for them as well. You dont have any other accounts aside from that. You are not servicing them because you guys created them that’s why you have web developers, if bsd and ibd is not alike why do you have retention seperated from the company where the brokers are operating. And you guys dont have license for your broker. You just promote them. Stop this lies. The reason why you can operate is because you never tell them you’re doing trading. You make them believe that you’re a sales company.

    1. Hey Anon,

      How are you so sure that we don’t manage other companies than HQ broker? BSD is a very diversified firm, and even if you are a former or current employee, I am absolutely sure you haven’t seen everything in the company.

      In fact, BSD has never claimed that it is a broker company. Again, if you have actually read and understood what I said above, you would know what a BPO company is, and how it operates, and that’s exactly what we are. We are operating very normally, and as far as BSD is concerned, we follow all laws and regulations of Department of Labor and Employment accordingly.

      1. At the very least you are providing BPO services to a known boiler shop and scammer. That puts you in the same boat as them.

        Most people know how a BPO operates, so now it looks like you are merely casting uncertainty and doubt. The FUD plan is not going to work.

        Right now BSD looks like the holding company behind more than one boiler room. It also appears to be a major facilitator of these sorts of scams.

        1. Just so you know Paul,

          The Israelis from IBD got released, the prosecution ruled that the Israelis’ arrest was unlawful since they did not commit any crimes.

          the media blow up everything and doing shaming without evidence,

          just like you are doing now!

          my suggestions, you just need to calm down, there is no evidence of your claims, and you are just causing shaming.


          WealthEsteem.org edit: changed the ynetnews article from a clickable link to just text. Reports that advertising on ynetnews is fraudulent. If you want to check out the article copy & past it into your browser, make sure you have strong anti-virus and an ad blocker installed.

          1. The details on the release of the 8 Israeli citizens is not widely reported yet (so far only Hebrew media are reporting it). The Times of Israel (among others) is looking into the circumstances of their release.

            Who am I shaming?

            I don’t need to calm down as I am already calm.

            Evidence is documented in the main post. Did you read it? Other evidence is flooding in.

            Established facts that HQ Broker’s customer acquisition team:
            1. lied about their regulation and licensing
            2. broke laws by providing investment advice
            3. facilitated fraud and money laundering

            Lastly how do you explain the ongoing delays in clients’ withdrawing money?

            You are yet another spin doctor trying to cast fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of victims of this terrible fraud.

            1. There is something very odd about that ynet.com website “Chris” has linked to.

              When I open it, it is accompanied by a large advertisement stating that John Key, former Prime Minister of New Zealand (and before that head of Merrill Lynch global FX trading) has just invested $500,000 in an automated bitcoin trading operation. It quotes him as saying “It’s a controversial investment, because the powerful elite does not want the average New Zealander to have this much wealth”.

              Baloney. Utter rubbish. I happen to know John Key personally having worked with him for several years, and he would never, never do or say such a thing. Totally unlike him. Nor can I find any mention of it in other, reputable NZ media. The story has however copied the webpage style of a major NZ newspaper. The genuine webpage makes no mention of any such investment.

              ynet.com other stories are all links to Reuters news and similar sources.

              Bottom line: I’d treat the ynet.com story about the Israeli’s release with high skepticism until it is confirmed by reliable sources. The suspicion is that this is deliberately created dis-information.

            2. That s what i am afraid of …israelis are back in israel ..and will not face any prosecution… Philipine gov and Israel gov have very strong ties in business-intelligence -army —shame on those filipinos and those israelis ..i am jewish myself .

        2. I’m a customer of BSD, they are giving me BPO services for my e-commerce business. I read all these comments and you guys are writing terrible false accusations! BSD giving me the best services that I’ve ever experienced from a BPO company. don’t believe narrow eye jealous bad people

          1. Another spin doctor trying to muddy the discussion.

            How do I know this?

            There is another identical comment by Amar.
            Your IP address does not match a customer who would comment genuinely.
            Your email address does not match a customer who would comment genuinely.

            If BSD has any legitimate customers who want to leave a positive review, they are welcome to drop by. But to make sure it is verifiable:

            use a real full name
            use a business email address
            use a business IP address

  12. If bsd is operatin already?. Lot of person i knew working there is currently on vacation and they dont have work but with pay. And tell me if you are operating already. I checked the company name on the bulletin in front of mercedes. BSD’s name is not there. Hiding, eh?

  13. Hi Jun. Do you have any proofs of your words?
    So far, all that you said sounds unconvincing.
    I’m surprised at your statement that BSD is operating in normal mode. Dave said that your support wasn’t available last Friday and Monday.
    But thanks for writing in this topic. I hope to clarify the situation.

      1. I have been working with the company since February. The first couple of months, the trade was successful. I even made a withdrawal of my money once $ 700 the second time $ 1200. Then my broker Oleg offered to increase the deposit, as there is good news and I can make a lot of money on them. I believed and replenished the account $ 5000 then another $ 3000. But in the end the deal turned out to be unprofitable and I lost almost all the money. I was very upset, wrote an official letter to the company, after that they changed a broker, they said that with Philip I will return all my losses. Now I have $ 13000 on my account. But again the problem is, for several days now I can not contact Philip and do not know what to do.

  14. I started trading with this broker six months ago. It all started when I got a call from the company. A nice young man was talking to me. He presented the company very nicely, told what they were doing, what opportunities are open to the company’s customers. Everything was so good that I would even now without hesitation open an account. Then everything was a bit more complicated, since we had a new apartment, we did not have a lot of money, because we had to repair it. The manager convinced me that I can not invest large sums; I can start with a couple hundred. I could not resist and opened an account. At first it was difficult to trade. The manager gave me links to sources where one could quickly learn and understand about the process of trading. At the initial stages, the manager had to devote a lot of time to me, the company at that time was young, so they did not have such a large client base, as now, and the manager could devote more time to his clients. The program also had some shortcomings, so often had to apply for technical support. There I was also not without attention. From the very beginning, the company treats its customers well. I traded three or four months, mostly relying on the manager. Everything was fine until I decided to withdraw my money. A month ago I left the application, but money has not yet come. I still can not believe that this company has deceived me. This is a big amount for me and my family. I see that you have an active fight against them on your website. Tell me where will I turn for help?

    1. Please make sure that your account is already verified and that you have submitted all the necessary documents needed. I want to clarify your statement that we have a small client base on which we can devote our time. We are an international company and we cater people from around the world. It was necessary to devote time to those who are new in the financial market as they need more help when it comes to trading. Resources are also provided as we want our client to be financially educated. Please email at us support @[redacted] with your name, email and account number

  15. Hi Amber!
    Tell more about this withdrawal, please. Did you send withdrawal request just only once in six month? This is very careless. I suppose if you didn’t get your money it’s a very large amount.
    Am I right?

    1. Hi Laurel,

      There is nothing careless about leaving investment funds with the dealer-broker while you trade. That is how legitimate brokerages operate.

      Unfortunately HQ Brokers is a scam so withdrawing only makes sense with hindsight.

      1. You have more experience in forex, unlike me, so I trust you) But isn’t it necessary to check a new broker and withdraw at least a small amount of money?

    2. I did not have the need to withdraw money before. I earned and I was happy with everything. Also, I had no reason not to trust the broker. At first I was confused, but now I have calmed down, and will do everything possible to get my money back.

  16. Hello everybody. Tell me, who are still working with hq for today?
    Is the company still working? Have you tried contacting the trade issue? My broker Philip Safronov has not answered me on Skype for the third day. What to do?

    1. I ask customer support yesterday and informed that all brokers were on business conference overseas. But around noon Somebody called me on an unknown number. He told me that i have to resume trading and they would provide new broker.

      I dont have open positions but they insisted that i have signed a package deal with them. I told them i did not and i dont have open position. I wont open and trade until the withdrawal request i made last 31st May is in my bank account . I am just afraid now they might make it lose. I remove the team viewer on my PC.

      1. How did it go with your withdrawal request?

        There are some people coordinating to get their money back or otherwise get local police and regulatory authorities involved.

        All legitimate brokerage houses never let all their brokers go to conferences at the same time. They can’t even all take the same break times for lunch.

        Did HQ Broker really just stop doing business for a few days and claim it was normal?

  17. Beware of dogs and HQ BROKERS ..it s a scam ..haute voltige as you can never imagine-planified -from centre call to your lost …without noticing you will loose your money-hope time-and mostly trust ….they contacted me 45 days ago ..usual start 250$ ..PLATFORM meta4 -Capzone Llc -to Bank of America (in NY) where money is transfert …confirmation of deposit -Nice form -nothing that you can expect that it s a Scam…I lost 12,000 us $…
    IBD -Sister CO of HQ brokers -have been dismantled in Philipine -374 Philipinos and 8 Israelis arrested ..Shame on them !!
    I am building a dossier …I have names of people involded in that fraudulent Scam …will take action as fight of my live ..

    1. Dear Sagueney. I’m sorry that a similar situation has happened to you. I understand and sympathize you very well, as I myself find in a similar situation. As I wrote above my history of cooperation with the company. I lost a lot today. Now I have $ 13000 on my account. But again the problem is, for several days now I can not contact Philip and do not know what to do. I want to find their address and visit their office. If you have any information, I will be glad to talk with you. I used to write my email. Please answer me.

  18. Hello! I’ve got my $ 300 today. But I no longer believe this broker, they lost my trust. Now I do not know what to do with the deposit. I do not think these demons will get my money back.

    1. Hi Amis!
      Gratz on the withdrawal. But the first time I also received my money. For the first and probably the last time) How much money do you have left on the depo?
      Try to cheat. Say you want to check whether it is possible to withdraw the entire deposit. Promise that you’ll invest more moey.

  19. Fun fact. Do you know that in BSD, they have a promotion who gets the most number of openers per month? (openers are the term referred to the clients [i.e you guys] that deposit on HQ broker. This is actually being displayed all around our screen monitors in the office before. This girl is the “queen of the month” for may. If I can recall, this woman has 10 or 11 openers. This is her.
    [facebook profile redacted]
    if i remeber, her hq broker name is mariz.

    Wealthesteem.org edit no links to alleged employees social media profiles. No public doxing of employees without evidence of knowingly scamming

  20. BSD is operating again people. I’m not sure if they are in mercedes building here but once I have the correct info I will let you know.

    1. BSD is operating again
      French desk is already establish in Cebu
      English desk is trying to establish there also. French desk is operating in Regus building Cebu

  21. I’m a customer of BSD,

    they are giving me BPO services for my e-commerce business.

    I read all these comments and you guys are writing terrible false accusations!

    BSD giving me the best services that I’ve ever experienced from a BPO company.

    don’t believe narrow eye jealous bad people

    1. Another spin doctor trying to muddy the discussion.

      How do I know this?

      • There is another identical comment by Mariana.
      • Your IP address does not match a customer who would comment genuinely.
      • Your email address does not match a customer who would comment genuinely.

      If BSD has any legitimate customers who want to leave a positive review, they are welcome to drop by. But to make sure it is verifiable:

      1. use a real full name
      2. use a business email address
      3. use a business IP address
      1. I was supposed to include a reply, but to a different thread, that’s why I copied and pasted. Unforunately I didn’t send the reply I had and all these thread arre long. I wanted to reply to not junBSD and tell him that the comment of Amar is true, because I am also a customer of BSD myself. I want everyone to know that me and amar have the same service experience because they also give me good ecommerce service to my business. But now even if i want to give you all the proof that the BSD is legit, i know all of you will also find a way to destroy other people business. No matter what proof we give. Basing to all the comments i read, people don’t really care if a company is true or not. They will do everything to wreck other people’s happiness. Either because theyre bored or they didnt get what they want from this company even if they clearly are standing on the wrong. The BSD services and their workers are not perfect. I have also experienced some inconvenience myself.. But that will never give me a right to shame their company name or to gossip about them because overall, they are what all other true companies are.. Genuine with providing services, truthful partners and the company has kind and patient workforce.

        1. Mariana, provide a single shred of evidence that you:
          are in business independent of BSD,
          are their customer, and
          are happy with their BPO service

          and I’ll add it to the BSD post I’m writing.

          I’m very happy to provide counter examples.

          But all you are offering is an anonymous email account and an IP address that doesn’t add up.

  22. Thank you for the post and comments!
    You helped me a lot. I opened the account a little less than a month ago and everything was ok, I thougt about large investments. Before that, I decided to collect more information about the broker and found your site. It was a big blow.. There’s a $1900 on my deposit and I don’t really know if I can to withdraw money. But if not you I could lose a lot more. Thank you for sharing your stories. I’m sure they helped not only me.

  23. AS Bsd is dismantle in clark due to their illegal activities and scam .they transferred from clark to Cebu Philippines.The French desk is already establish and it operating in regus building Cebu.english desk is trying also to establish there but due the raid police made on IBD the process of opening English desk will take time.

  24. je suis du Canada (quebec) et je vous assure que la Co HQ Brokers est la plus grande fraude jamais faite ….les belles paroles et les grandes promesses …vous ne reverrez JAMAIS votre argent
    c est une fraude a l echelle planetaire ..telle que vous ne l avez jamais imagine ….tout est faux ..les platforms ..les ordres d achats .vous pouvez avoir la certitude que tout est reelle ..mais ca ne l est pas …c est du bidon..j ai un dossier beton…et je prends les moyens pour recuperer mes $ …si vous voulez vous joindre a moi..sagueneyle@gmail.com…..

    1. Please make sure that your account is already verified and that you have submitted all the necessary documents. This might be the reason why you can’t withdraw. For further assistance we strongly suggest everyone to email us at support @[redacted]

  25. Hi Paul. BSD Trade Services they have separate buildings from their “brokers” inside clark as well. But it’s them. If you can see the official letter from HQ and BSD sounds obvious that they are the same. Even if they are denying that they are not HQ broker. They work with them and if you know Trade12 same shit different name. It was the first website that they used and scam a lot of people.

  26. Hi again! Today they called me again! My broker offered me to put money into the account , although I still did not withdraw my money! I’m sure that hq is working again as usual… Nothing changed….

    1. Uld1s, I advise you to withdraw money from this company urgently. Do not delay! I now know what to do to get money! I sent you an email. Look!

        1. Please make sure that your account is already verified and that you have submitted all the necessary documents. This might be the reason why you can’t withdraw. For further assistance please email us at support @[redacted]

      1. Dear Amis,
        I’m Marco and I have big problems to get my money back !
        I beg you to help me whit some information about that please,
        Kind Regards Marco

        1. Please make sure that your account was already verified and that you have submitted all the necessary documents. To take the necessary action, please email us at support @[redacted] with your name, email and account number

    2. Please make sure that your account is verified and that you have submitted all the necessary documents. You can email support @[redacted] for further assistance

  27. Hello! I want to tell everyone that today I’ve got all my money. I do not know why they returned it to me, but I’m very happy. last week I left an application for withdrawal. the application was answered two days later. I think it’s very long, but now it does not matter. I still think of a broker as a fraudster, because now I know a lot of deceived customers. It’s all thanks to this site.

  28. Hi guys! How long have you been trading at all? What experience do you have? Please tell me if you’ve read some books, watched video tutorials?

  29. I don’t know why there is such a big discussion about this broker. It is obvious that it’s a new company, and there is nothing to wait of it. No surprises. Funny and sad at the same time. But that’s right, all of you should gather together and search for salvation of this problem

  30. Hi Amis!
    Why didn’t you tell about the withdrawal? I really wonder how you managed to get the money back… And how much.
    If you withdrew the money tell us how to do it. At least 7 people can’t get their money, you can help us.

  31. My account’s been in minus since the time when a new financial manager started to work with me. It’s about 6 weeks already. Now I want to withdraw everything, but the manager has stopped to answer to my messages in whatsapp.

    1. We will need to investigate your concern and we will need your cooperation for this to happen. Please send us an email at support @[redacted] with your name, email and account number

  32. To whom it may concern:

    We have sent this letter to officially articulate the position of HQBroker and its exact functions in relation to the current issue surrounding it and two other companies, namely GWU Marketing Corporation and BSD Trade Services.

    This letter also aims to refute the allegations that HQBroker, GWU, and BSD are under the same management. We believe that this is a serious case of misunderstanding and misinterpreting of information.
    First and foremost, HQBroker would like to clarify the nature of its operation. HQBroker is a financial and trading services company, operating under the powers of Capzone Ltd. The company is rightly registered and has the license to operate. (Please see the company’s official website for further information relating to this matter).
    HQBroker’s sole function is to provide trading, investing, and brokerage services to its clients in various regions around the world. We do not provide any other kind of services to any other clients or entities other than what are stated here.

    That being said, the company has the legal rights to utilize services from other entities in order to perform its pledged services to its clientele.
    GWU Marketing Corporation, for instance, only provides marketing services for the company. GWU enables HQBroker to advertise and reach its target audience via different marketing services, such as social media campaigns, SEO (search engine optimization) services for its websites, and content creation, among others.
    GWU Marketing Corporation strictly does not have any access to HQBroker’s financial aspects. GWU neither has any control nor influence over the operations within HQBroker other than the marketing services it has agreed to provide the company.

    This is also true for the case of BSD Trade Services, which is contracted to provide strictly only BPO (business-processing outsourcing) services to HQBroker. BSD and its affiliates are in no way directly in control of HQBroker. BSD is a separate business entity and it has neither the power nor the control over HQBroker’s finances, management, and operations.
    HQBroker would like to emphasize its independence from the two other companies linked to it by misinformed users. The company does not, in any way, let other entities take over its operations, whether finance-related or otherwise.

    Further, HQBroker would like to deny and refute any other kind of allegation linking the company to any other fraudulent schemes or activities. The company prioritizes the integrity and transparency of its operations and we do not tolerate any form of deception, illegal activities, and other such schemes.

    The company does not have any liability should there be any proven illegalities in the management or operations of any other companies linked to it. HQBroker is run and managed independently, without any affiliations to both GWU Marketing Corp and BSD Trade Services. We would like any allegations or misinformation to stop.

    We believe that any such accusations are baseless at best and are downright destructive to the company’s reputation at worst. The company is determined to prove its compliance with any legal rules and jurisdictions.

    HQBroker Management

    1. Yeah right! Before I answer, try using a real email address…

      Hi. This is the qmail-send program at mail1.qnetau.com.
      I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
      This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.
      <jun@bsdtradeservices.com>: does not like recipient.
      Remote host said: 550-5.1.1 The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try
      550-5.1.1 double-checking the recipient's email address for typos or
      550-5.1.1 unnecessary spaces. Learn more at
      550 5.1.1  https://support.google.com/mail/?p=NoSuchUser z8-v6si6566743pgr.260 - gsmtp
      Giving up on
  33. JunBSD

    I would like to clarify with your phrase referring to BSD…

    “The company prioritizes the integrity and transparency of its operations and we do not tolerate any form of deception, illegal activities, and other such schemes.”

    BSD will issue a contract to their new hired that indicate on some of the section .. stating something like this ” If any employee or trainee that will inform or tell anyone on what product and operation that BSD is engage with.. shall be fine PHP 1,000,000 “

    1. Yes our statement is clear and correct. Only the management has the right to speak on behalf of the company. Regarding the fine of P1,000,000.00 on the contract, it was a condition present to most of our employees as they don’t have the whole picture on how the management works and that their knowledge prior to the business is limited to their job responsibility. It is also necessary and it is our right to protect our intellectual property and any private information that we have.

  34. To my surprise the withdrawal request last June 1 was approved and receive 19k today. Also receive a response for the cancellation of my account. It says after both parties agreed on the settlement amount i can withdraw it.

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