Giving it away

I tithe. That means 10% of my income and capital gains is given away. That either occurs quarterly on trading income or on settlement for capital gains. I give sacrificially, if I don’t miss it I’m not giving enough.

Why? Because I think my gifts make the world a better place. I also believe that it is the obligation of the fortunate to contribute to society’s less fortunate. I also get better results when I’m tithing to when I’m not. The evidence for that is anecdotal and without scientific verification. 😉

The main reason I tithe right now is to answer the following question. When is the best time to start giving your wealth away? If I can’t give sacrificially today while I’m building the wealth how will I give once I’ve made it? And how will I know when I’ve made it sufficiently to start giving?

There is never a good time to start giving. Start anyway the discipline is worth it.

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