One learner at a time

When I learned to drive I was required to have a fully qualified driver in the front seat passenger seat. That “black licence” was required to be sober and responsible. That is good risk management on behalf of the community.

In poker if you can’t tell who the sucker at the table is, look in a mirror. That is good risk management on behalf of your wallet.

When investing make sure there is only one learner in the team per deal. Your team consists of you, your financier/broker, your lawyer and your real estate agent.

I made a mistake with these three units. I am breaking in a new broker, a new lawyer and it’s been a while since I bought three units at the same time — so I’m rusty.

I had a 75% LVR loan offer on the table from NAB as part of my professional’s package. But it needs me to tidy up some outstanding paperwork that is not good timing right now.

I heard of a broker who could organise finance for such small apartments easily. I casually mentioned this to another keen broker I know well, let’s call him Bob. Now Bob is a top producer for his firm. This guy writes loans. A lot of loans. This means he knows how to get things done.

But my requirements are outside the square. Bob is good, but he’s also new at it – a little over a year. So he doesn’t have huge vats of experience.

Bob tells me he can get me 80% LVR no probs. So I go with Bob. Three weeks later I get all the paperwork they want together and am running through the fees. Guess what? The extra 5% LVR will cost me 1% application fee, 3 months interest early repayment fee, 1.18% premium for the risk. So they’ll give me the extra 5% but take it back in fees! I pushed back and Bob found me another loan.

During the scary time in the middle of this I called the Experienced and Reputable Broker. He said 90% LVR, LMI 1.5%, three day approval, two week settlement. I’m meeting with him on Monday.

The lesson is one new driver at a time. Nothing is insurmountable providing there aren’t a dozen problems at once.

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