Month: December 2002

  • Double standards

    I was talking to the lawyer the other day. A contract on a property purchase I am negotiating has a few nasty special clauses. The contract called for a directors personal guarantee (to complete) should a corporate purchaser fail to complete. These clauses were once rare, but you can’t keep secrets in contracts, so they […]

  • Flock of eagles

    It’ll never work. Not now. Not here. And definitely not for you. It works “over there” but that’s different. If you haven’t been spun a variation on this theme, click comment now and tell me your secret. Even with the most supportive family, friends and collegues the world is full of people who tell you […]

  • Need to succeed

    I received the following email: Quick Question:: you had mentioned in one place, you build business. What have you built? and how hard was it? I am thinking of buying and building a business but a bit scared (butterflies in the stomach and all that crap).. Any guidance.?? Thriving business is the most fulfilling thing […]

  • Finance update

    The finance on the three small units is almost in place. What a cocktail it is! But it is not the size of the units that is the problem. Normally I keep myself “ready to borrow”. Tax returns up-to-date, company trading accounts ready and stuff like that. Because I took Bookaburra over in July, none […]

  • Giving it away

    I tithe. That means 10% of my income and capital gains is given away. That either occurs quarterly on trading income or on settlement for capital gains. I give sacrificially, if I don’t miss it I’m not giving enough. Why? Because I think my gifts make the world a better place. I also believe that […]