William Gibson has a blog!

I’m going to stretch to make that headline relevant, I don’t think I’ll succeed…

William Gibson has a blog. If you dpn’t know who William Gibson is, you have a choice:

  1. one of the early leading-lights of the cyberpunk SF writing movement;
  2. an astonishing writer;
  3. go back your morning bagel, who cares?.

Two out of those three are accurate.

Anyway, William Gibson maintains a blog where he writes about his writing. I just found it. His fiction is philosophical and and explores social dynamics against a backdrop extrapolated from today’s technology.

My blog is about what I think and is essentially philosophical. I am drawn to well written commentaries that go beyond what the writer had for breakfast. William Gibson breathes the zeitgeist of dot.generation, but is aloof and beyond it. Hell, he lives in Canada and writes novels for a living!

By the way I found it while looking for RSS feeds at http://www.mywireservice.com/. I was looking in response to a two comments, one from Sim’ asking what I read (that list is coming next), and the other from Gary Gilmore that MyWireService is another web-based RSS feed.

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