Track your time, discover your goals

Clocked by Olivia Escartin, Bangkok, Quezon City, PhilippinesI’ve decided to implement Peter Drucker’s advice to track where I spend my time. If you look at what you spend your time on you’ll see what your real goals are. If it turns out you are spending your time on the wrong things, it is time to change your behaviour.

At work I mix my time between my desk and meeting staff, suppliers and customers. So a wholly online solution is not ideal. I’m experimenting with two Java cross platform applications on my laptop: jWorkSheet and Rachota. Maybe I should use an online solution as most of the time my laptop is connected to the Internet?

Drucker recommended using a piece of paper and write down what you’ve done every 5, 10 or 15 minutes. I think I’d prefer something with a few more reporting tools.

Update: I’m favouring Rachota at the moment for it’s simplicity and design.

3 responses to “Track your time, discover your goals”

  1. I don’t think I could have the time to write down what I’ve done every 5, 10 or 15 minutes but it certainly would give an indication of what I truly focus my time on. I guess for short periods of time it could be possible as a monitoring tool.

  2. I’ve read about firefox extensions that watch how much time you spent on each website during the day (8aweek, Active Timer and Rescue Time). I think that could be useful for scheduling Internet activity. Though I haven’t tried any of them myself yet.

  3. Good idea. I also try to optimize my daily time…Everyday I set goal for each hours. Some people might say that it is same as daily schedule. But, actually it motivates me to do every activity efficiently and effectively…

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