Time Management

I’ve been a Palm user since 1999. My Palm m505 PDA has been playing up over the last few months. The digitiser is not responding. Generally it works, but then it fails at the worst possible time.

Unfortunately I’ve taken to trying to remember stuff. My head is a lousy place for me to store my calendar. I missed two important functions in the last two weeks because of it. Who knows what else I’ve forgotten. Not happy, Jan.

I’ve been waiting to see what way Blackberry or Palm or Symbian or cellular phones go before replacing the Palm, but this is now beyond a joke. I need to organise my time, todo list and appointments.

Intellectually I know and teach people to use a calendar, make lists, write goals. Life intervenes too often to keep this stuff in our heads. Unfortunately I’ve again become a bad example. 😉

Well not any more. I’ve dug out an old Palm V (actually an IBM c3) and will use that for now. My public resolution is if it’s not in my digital calendar I’m not confirmed to attend.

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