Sydney Roller Derby League

If you can't place nice, play roler derby
If you can't place nice, play roller derby

One of the world’s fastest-growing sports is making a comeback in the university gyms and school halls of inner-city Sydney. All-girl, flat-track roller derby revival is a punk, post-feminist, grrl power, contact sport with an emphasis on skill and safety. The competitors names reflect their on-track personalities like Miss Biff, Trippy Longstockings, Aprilla the Hun, Punky Chewster, and Surly Valentine.

I’ll be taking my daughters to watch the second bout of the new Sydney League (there are only 3 bouts in the inaugural league).

Bout 2: 28 JuneStarts 12.30pm, Doors open 12noon
Tickets from Sydney Roller Derby League
Tickets about $10.00/$5.00 concession
Sydney Boys’ High Stadium
Cleveland Street, Moore Park
NSW Australia

Wanna come? The bout will last an hour.

Like Tank Girl on roller skates with edge.

The Sydney Roller Derby League is bringing the wicked world of all-girl flat-track roller derby to Sydney and looking forward to taking on the globe – on the track and off!

What is roller derby?

Sydney Roller Derby League

Photos from the SRDL

3 responses to “Sydney Roller Derby League”

  1. Aprilla the Hun here from Sydney Roller Derby League. Come and see the Screaming Assault Sirens tough it out with the Sydney City CBD’viants at Sydney Boys High Stadium in Bout #2 on 28 June at 12.30pm.

    Tickets are now ON SALE from QJump ticketing.

    Hugs and bruises,
    The Hun.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Aprilla. I got to HK Ward too late for bout 1 – my daughter’s basketball team organised bowling from 3pm so we didn’t get free in time.

    Who won bout 1? Inquiring minds want to know.

    How about a match report please.

  3. Mike Mann here, commentator for SRDL.

    The ladies of the flat track put on one hell of a show last Saturday and they have the bruises to prove it!

    Don’t miss your chance to see the action in Bouts 2 and 3!

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