Rapid Filmmaking

Roger L. Simon has a blog I monitor. In a post titled Something New in Filmmaking, he links to Truth Laid Bare‘s post about Instant Films a film festival set up in LA to make a film in 48 hours. These are short films and the festival has been going since 2002. Roger hopes the films produced are not better than the process of professional filmmaking.

Also note that the The Shoot Out has been running in Newcastle, NSW Australia since 1998. I think it lays claim to the longest still-running weekend filmmaking festival. I may be proved wrong.

I’ve entered a Super-8 in-camera-editing-only festival years ago. It’s an interesting process where many worthy and great films emerge. But it is a different artistic outcome.

It is a great way to overcome analysis paralysis. I’ve posted about the fear of making mistakes before. Most people will not start something until they are sure they can plan positive outcome. Unless your business and investment temperament is one of going off half cocked, I recommend entering one of these competitions with your team.

If you can’t find a competition in your area, start one. If only your team enters it will still be a great outcome. You’ll learn that making a decision and progressing on the goal is better than sitting around. Remember you can’t steer a parked car.

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