NBL and Singapore Slingers need Import Rule Change

I was talking to someone with long connections in the NBL – Australia’s National Basketball League.

The Singapore Slingers are based in Singapore, but I’ve heard if they put a Singaporean on the floor he must take one of the two import slots that NBL teams are allowed. Normally those spots are for players who have to produce every game in the role they are hired for.

This may be a limitation of the FIBA license granted to the NBL and international politics of basketball. I’m investigating,  but if this is true it seems like a sports marketing mistake.

Do not to put obstacles between your customers and your product. In this case the Slingers need decent home crowds, and that means putting local talent on the floor – developing it if you must.

More to come as I gather information.

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  1. Not the case, Singapore have two local players on their main roster as well as another local development player who only plays at home games. They also have two American imports.

    There are talks that the NBL may be allowing Chinese players to play as locals in the future. It would be great for the NBL and its sponsors, given the growing popularity of basketball in China. Even the major sponsor of the Melbourne Tigers for the past few years have been various Chinese companies.

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