Navra Funds

I finally found time to meet with an advisor from Navra Financial Services. We discussed property and share investments as well as an investment in the Navra Blue Chip Australian Share Retail Fund. The financial plan is being prepared and will be ready in a couple of weeks. Very exciting stuff.

Hopefully we’ll buy another investment house soon if I can get my business affairs in order.

Steve Navra then showed me some results of his recent trades and I can admit I’m jealous. Luckily my own trading is greatly influenced by Steve’s ideas so I am only a little green.

One of my frustrations at the moment is being stretched thin. I wear the hats of husband, boss, father, investor, friend and club member. I feel like I am doing none of them well. One of the ways to improve my overall success is to delegate some of the jobs. So good investment results without large time commitment on my part is better than great results with huge time investment.

It’s a kind of strange life-balance equation.

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