Moving by July

Nella and I can no longer stand the place we live in. We moved here as a temporary rental while we looked for something we liked and the market sorted itself out. Six months to a year and we’d then buy a bargain home.

Having two young kids I wanted a house and a yard. My eldest daughter had learned to ride her bike on the roof of our apartment block and I thought we needed space for the youngest to play outside. The house we found was affordable but a bit old and needing renovation.

Three years later we’re still here. Life can be like that. The kids have played outside a total of four times. Kids can be like that too.

Over the Christmas break we discussed moving, and made a deadline that by July we’d find a more suitable place and move.

Nella is betting that it will take us until July to find the right place and move.

I think once the decision is made and the deadline set, it will happen before then. There is a strange power about big changes. When the opportunity presents we’re ready to leap on it. So often it happens easier and quicker than planned.

Of course this could be my usual laid back self. And I’ll need to again publicly acknowledged Nella’s superior wisdom in these things.

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