I’m still around

No I haven’t vanished off the face of the earth. My health is suffering, plus this domain is getting hammered by spammers at the moment – I don’t think any is getting through. I basically need a few uninterrupted hours to restore the design for the new version of WordPress I’m using.

Then I can resume my meanderings.

I’ve retired most of Dreamspinner’s trading diary as it was a favourite target for these spammers. Folks I hope you never buy anything as a result of an unsolicited bulk email. ‘Tis because of the 0.001% of recipients that do buy their junk that we are buried under their refuse today.

Funnily enough I deleted 8,000 spam emails and 5,000 virus emails from a client mail server today. They had 200 mild false positives – nothing earth shattering to have missed.
I no longer feel angry about email spam as my tools are now so good that I actually scan my Junk mail folder daily in case of false positives. I get very few.

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