I got in to AGSM!

logo Australian Graduate School of ManagementWow these guys work fast. I received an email Offer to Commence MBA (Executive) Program at AGSM. Now I have to pick subjects and apply for the Federal Government’s FEE-HELP interest free student loan. As an Australian citizen I’m eligible for a loan paid back through my tax return once I’m earning above the threshold.

As a fee-paying student it is easier to get into, especially as the offer is technically for the Graduate Diploma in Management.  I’ll update you on my course selections later.

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  1. Paul

    Congrats on getting into AGSM.

    From what I know (mostly via your SS posts) you’ve done your training already where it matters most (in the real world). So, if you don’t mind a complete stranger asking, what’s the motivation? M

  2. It’s amazing what you see when you scroll just that litle further down a webpage. Ignore that question, I understand your rationale. Again, congratulations. M

  3. Thanks for the question Mark, and while I did answer it in my first application post, I’m even happier with my decision to do the course. I’ll post about it in a couple of hours in the main blog.



  4. Stumbled upon your blog when I ‘googled’ AGSM …. first of all congratulations on the admit. I will be applying to AGSM for their February 2008 intake …. hope to catch up with you somewhere if I get through !
    I must compliment you on your discipline & regularity in blogging (which I lack terribly) and the blogs are very interesting as well.


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  6. Vikrant I look forward to meeting you in one of the subjects. Are you intending to do the full time or part-time course. The part-time is quite extensive – I’m putting in 10-12 hours per week and I already know the material. However I want to internalise the subject so I think it’s worth the work. I think I could get by on 8 hours or so if I just wanted to pass.

    Grants. Thanks for the comment, even though you obviously don’t know anything about Australian Post-Graduate study. I don’t think I’m eligible for ROTC scholarships and I don’t think the ROTC would pay for a US citizen to attend AGSM.

    I’ve left the comment stand but couldn’t bring myself to leave the link clickable. If someone likes what you’ve said, they’ll find you via that URL.

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