Focus on the Product

In light of the $20mm to $35mm sale (depending on who you’re reading) of Weblogs Inc to AOL many pithy words of wisdom are emerging about Jason Calacanis.

So why shouldn’t I add one.

In his what now? post, Jason tells the following Mark Cuban story:

Mark Cuban (whoâ€s the best investor you could ever have BTW) always said “letâ€s not drown in opportunity” when he, my partner Brian and I would talk about the business. Thatâ€s why we didnâ€t launch an RSS reader or blog search engine, and thatâ€s why we told everyone who wanted to do “business development” that there were only three ways to work with us: 1. read our blogs, 2. write our blogs, or 3. support our blogs with advertising.
I have to say my one piece of advice to startups is to focus on building your product and revenue and donâ€t waste time on partnerships. Maybe when youâ€re a huge company these things can work out, but the most important things in any startup are: 1. the product and 2. the bottom line.

So as I work on some IT consulting at the moment I feel the opportunities bobbing around. But if I pursued each one I’d be spread so thin I couldn’t execute well on any of them.

So I’m now working on two questions: what is my product? and how will it feed my bottom line?

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