Flock of eagles

It’ll never work. Not now. Not here. And definitely not for you. It works “over there” but that’s different.

If you haven’t been spun a variation on this theme, click comment now and tell me your secret.

Even with the most supportive family, friends and collegues the world is full of people who tell you it can’t be done, and why. If they didn’t believe it they’d have to do something about their current situation wouldn’t they?

There is one exception to this, when I’m getting told that by someone who already did it. They may have a different perspective. But generally those guys will tell you why it made sense to them back then and how it’s changed. Rarely will they tell you that you can’t do it too.

This reminds me of the eighties slogan:
It’s hard to fly like an eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys. 😉

Don’t get arrogant about it. It’s easy to interpret the lesson as advice to look down upon people with different beliefs or values.

Extraordinary returns cannot consistently be made by a pack (at least in my belief structure). I stack the odds in my favour by associating with other like-minded people. That association stimulates and motivates me to keep at it. I even learn something when I shut up long enough to listen to another.

Find a group of supportive people, meet regularly and listen to them.

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  1. Paul, just wanted to say “Thanks” for making your thoughts available to us. I am constantly challenged, amused, inspired, and astounded at the depth of your thoughts.

    Keep well – hope to catch up after Xmas – meantime, do keep this diary going – and thanks.

    Regards to Nella too,


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