Fee split etiquette

I am an active networker and I see many requests from recruiters to find a suitable candidate for a role. Sometimes someone replies with a request to split the fee.

Can we talk about good etiquette for a fee split?

If you work as a recruiter then it is quite reasonable to accept a fee split of some sort. However if recruiting is not the finder’s profession should they charge a fee for helping out a friend/acquaintance?
Will the finder participate in the guarantees the recruiter provides? Will we consider sharing expenses? Overhead charge?

What about the friend of the finder who is suitable for the role? Would you not refer a friend to what might be a great role because the recruiter will not split a fee?

Take this beyond recruiting and consider your professional skills or requests for assistance. If you put out a request for an introduction for some new business, how would you feel if an intermediary hit you up for a commission?

We share of ourselves not because there is something in it for us in this transaction. It’s the goodwill generated across a range of favours.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Good point regarding the guarantees. I’ve heard of some agencies offering to split a fee with another agency but never splitting a fee with an individual. Most of the time they offer a finders fee once the placement has passed probation.

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