eBay adventures

I’m still waiting for the final results from the stock I sent to auction last month. That is frustrating and disappointing. I just haven’t had time to follow up with it.

I’m not blogging as much because most of my recent work is either legally privileged regarding the succession wars, or secret until I get the intellectual property side sorted out.

However I’ve started auctioning product on eBay. How exciting! Learning lots and making mistakes. I’ll document some of that adventure soon.

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  1. Paul,

    Can’t wait to hear more about your eBay experiences. I’ve toyed around with the idea & looked into some of the shopfront businesses now starting to come into Australia (take a look at http://www.quikdrop.com), but frankly I don’t have the time or desire to learn the game & establish an appropriate distribution infrastructure the way I’d want it.

    But there’s a lot of potential in that channel for someone like yourself who has a vehicle already in place.

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