E MBA bloggers don’t update often

I was wondering that when I was investigating doing an MBA. May bloggers started to post on their experiences but then dried up.

Is the workload so onerous that they can’t find 10-30 minutes in a week to provide the update?

In my case AGSM MBA (Executive) is quite busy – it takes 8-10 hours of study per subject per week. When work gets busy I have to give up my family time or my online time. Sorry guys but my family comes first. Have you heard MBA = Marriage Breakup Academy?

2 responses to “E MBA bloggers don’t update often”

  1. I wasn’t aware of the acronym, but had heard that. And I know of someone for whom a full-time MBA was the beginning of the end of the marriage.

  2. hehehe during orientation, the group leader went through about 20 alternative meanings of MBA. That one struck me the most.

    I think the other reason MBA’s are a time of job and relationship upheaval is firstly the course encourages a lot of self reflection and understanding.

    Secondly the more prosaic explanation. The age for most MBA entrants, at 8-10 years work experience it puts them in their early to mid 30’s. This is a prime divorce and career change time.

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