Cashflow mayhem

MYOB sucks!

Alternatively, my MYOB skills are severely challenged ;).

The company is coming out of its traditional New Year’s cashflow crunch. Our sales in January and February normally represent about 6% of annual sales. As a result I’ve been monitoring our cashflow more closely than normal. Making payroll and paying suppliers is a good thing.

Anyway I’ve been forced to track our main account in a spreadsheet to forecast our cash needs over a 2-12 week horizon. Specifically I wanted to juggle dates to pay certain bills. A spreadsheet is not the easiest tool for that as I need to enter every transaction twice — once in MYOB and again in the spreadsheet forecast.

If anybody knows a way of doing this in MYOB please let me know! You’d think a small business accounting package would have a tool to do what-if analysis.

Anyway Easter will be tough and then its a nice ride up to Christmas. This year I’m putting a bigger buffer in place for next year’s slow down.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    MYOB sell an ODBC driver that lets you grab data and do reports in programs like MS Access.

    I don’t consider it a to be a true ODBC driver as such… since it lets you used the data in a read-only capacity, and if you wanted to do write-backs into MYOB (i.e. post data from external sources into MYOB) then there is another component that lets you do that in a scripty sort of way.

    However, from what you have described (IE wanting to run through some “what if” scenarios using MYOB data) the ODBC driver combined with some Access programming could provide you with a better solution than double entry into Excel.

    In fact, if you don’t like Access, you can use the MYOB ODBC driver to grab data and plonk it into Excel for analysis.

    Read more about it here

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