Be accountable

One of the hardest things about this blog is that the succession wars are depressing. After a few hours of working on the company, I then get to deal with the latest salvo from my father. This takes the form of contact with staff, family, lawyers or accountants.

So far he’s told his skewed view to my sister, his siblings, and his mother. My sister didn’t buy it, but it’s surprising how persuasive his family find it . Now I understand how and why my mother was shunned by his family. I have shakey moments where I feel down.

Anyway that is all background to my feeling of two steps forward, one step backward. My best way to deal with depression is to become accountable to someone else. This blog is one form of accountability. I also do a daily call with my accountant acting as business coach.

I have some notes on recent events that I’ll incorporate into some other posts, but I’ll enter them in correct chronological order. So some of those entries will show up before this one.

2 responses to “Be accountable”

  1. Hang in there Paul! As they say “this too shall pass” 😉

    Focus on the good things you have (I can think of at least 3) and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  2. Thanks Nigel that comment came at a good time. Yes the 3 great girls in my life have been fantastic (even though my eldest daughter told me a major harry potter spoiler this evening)

    “This too shall pass” is a powerful slogan. It’s amazing that the succession wars take so little energy these days. 95% of my day is taken up with “normal” business problems.

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