Avoiding mistakes?

I suffer from analysis paralysis — a delusion that if I get enough data and study it enough, I can remove risk from an investment.

To deal with this shortcoming I talk to myself. More than normal ;). I remind myself that Mark Twain has an answer for every occasion. In this instance he said

Good decisions come from experience
Experience comes from making bad decisions
— Mark Twain

What a neat concept. Click comments and let me know what you think of that.

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  1. Agree Twain has some wry observations on just about every topic you could imagine.
    I wonder though whether you can learn from the experience of others or whether you need the gut-wrenching fear and pressure of your own money on the line?

  2. Hi Nigel good to see you here.

    There is something to be said for having your own money on the line. I certainly couldn’t and wouldn’t listen to boring old farts when I was younger. 😉

    But you don’t have to touch a fire to know it burns. So I think we can be informed by another’s experience.

    Maybe we can only learn from others when we respect or admire them?

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