3am Phone conference

It’s 4am and I’ve just finished a seminar in the US. The subject is What’s New in Marketing. Interestingly I attended via international phone conference while following the Powerpoint presentation on the web.

I was dialled into the conference via a phone card for the first half. At 2cents per minute it’s a hard to beat the price. It took a couple of attempts to connect to the US phone number but it didn’t cost me anything until I did actually connect. I think these cheap phone cards use Voice Over IP technology to keep the price down so the quality is not exceptional, but usable.

About halfway through I got the audio feed booming through my laptop so I hung up the phone. Cool technology. I can’t ask questions via the weblink – that’s only available while I am on the phone.

Webinars are a cheap way to attend one hour seminars on a range of topics. Look out for them. Yes some are at unkind hours, but this mornings one was a test for a really important one I’m attending tomorrow at 6pm Sydney time. I wanted to make sure the technology was working at my end.

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