Month: April 2006

  • Web stats, log analysis and web tracking

    I just got home from an interesting talk on corporate health management. More specifics on that later, but it matched with an email from a client. Doctors use numbers to measure our overall and specific health, businesses have KPI’s. Webmasters, eTailers and eCommerce practioners live and die by their stats. But it’s amazing how many […]

  • Disney offers free ABC TV

    The threat of internet TV downloads is met head on by Disney the owner of ABC network and Pixar. ABC will be offering their prime-time TV shows like Lost and Desparate Housewives for download via their MyABC portal at launching in May. The Wall Street Journal has the story on the front page today. […]

  • A Thousand Dollars

  • Web Candy, add to Google button

    You may have noticed some buttons appearing in the sidebars. Yes I’ve finally joined the web candy crowd. They’re for voting for WealthEsteem on various blog toplists. I’m experimenting with directory listings and raising the profile of the blogs I write for or manage. Unless you’re reading this on a RSS aggregator or reader, in […]

  • When the Team IS the Brand

    Red Bull bought the (USA) Major League Soccer‘s New York MetroStars and renamed them New York Red Bulls. Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion calls the renaming risky in When the Team is the Brand. I think it’s a gutsy move from a company revolutionizing the beverage business. Red Bull didn’t get where they are now […]

  • WealthEsteem Link Directory Launched

    I’ve launched a resources directory of links relevant to entrepreneurship, business and wealth creation. Pretty much the things I’m interested in blogging about. There is also a reciprocal link exchange program. The exciting part of it is you can add a link yourself. Please list your or friends business, people who provide business support services […]