Month: June 2005

  • Rebranding Mandrake Linux

    I’m not sure which is company is dumber, Mandrive Linux or King Features Syndicate. From wikipedia’s Mandrake Linux entry: In February 2004 MandrakeSoft lost a court case against Hearst Corporation, owners of King Features Syndicate. Hearst contends that MandrakeSoft is infringing upon King Features’ trademarked character Mandrake the Magician. The word Mandrake is not unique […]

  • Nasty Javascript loop

    Today I also came across a nasty endless Javascript loop. This sucker can trap IE, Firefox and Opera in an endless loop requiring you to kill the application via task manager or kill the process if using one of the *nix. Javascript is really useful on the sites I regularly visit. But I’d like to […]

  • Abandon client services

    After writing about Products or Services I can across Jeffrey Zeldman‘s Should you blog have a business When Coudal Partners, frustrated by the limited options available for custom CD and DVD packaging, solved their problem by inventing Jewelboxing, it occured to them that people who read their blog might like the product as well. They […]

  • Meet Joe Blogs

    I subscribe to the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Technology weekly. Sometimes I don’t know why I bother with Main Stream Media. Their fact checking is so dubious – see below. Mentioned this week but datelined 31 May and archived 30 May is Meet Joe Blogs with the teaser The “blogosphere” is exploding, with millions of blogs […]

  • Corey Rudl – A legend dead at 34

    I just found out that Corey Rudl, Internet marketing pioneer and genius, died in a speedway track accident on Thursday US time. Corey was only 34 years old and I’m told recently married. I missed meeting him at the YEO Dubai University last year. Friends said it was one of many highlights of an amazing […]