Month: May 2005

  • Podcasting Content is King

    Andy Grace has a technology spot on The Cage breakfast show on Triple M in Sydney. As an aside, clever marketing kudos to the network who run The Cage in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with one lineup, but have a totally different lineup for The Cage in Brisbane Andy Grace wrote and interesting piece on […]

  • Email update advice available

    For a long time I thought RSS was the best and only way to notify readers of updates to the blog, especially in this world of ever rising spam. However I’ve changed my mind. I believe in removing barriers to communication. I’ll occassionally rally against the dumbing down of modern life, but I value the […]

  • And then I made an Instant Film

    Hot on the heels of my Rapid Filmmaking post, I attended a weekend conference where we made an instant films in teams of five and six. It was facilitated by Dimensional Thinking I don’t like being on a film set. The perfectionist in me doesn’t like the pressure to get the shot in one take, […]

  • Rapid Filmmaking

    Roger L. Simon has a blog I monitor. In a post titled Something New in Filmmaking, he links to Truth Laid Bare‘s post about Instant Films a film festival set up in LA to make a film in 48 hours. These are short films and the festival has been going since 2002. Roger hopes the […]

  • Sydney International Airport

    I’m off to Kuala Lumpur for a conference for three days. It is YEO’s Global Leadership Conference. I’m looking forward to learning more about the international aspects of the organisation. Part of my growth as an entrepreneur and investor is to learn from other successful business people. Yes it’s also an excuse to have a […]

  • Products or Services

    My friends in YEO tend to be people who’ve outgrown a small business. The turnover figure doesn’t really matter, but I’ve noticed an attitudinal cycle. First entrepreneurs want to be in business. If they are early starters they may start washing cars or mowing lawns. Twentysomethings often start with a product business. Even if it […]

  • Pamela Anderson blog

    Pamela Anderson has a blog. You may need to join to read it. It’s an interesting case study. It appears that she is actually authoring the entries – although I’d guess a PA is actually transcribing her posts, it makes more sense in time management terms. Friendstar benefits from having a high profile celebrity […]