Month: April 2005

  • Comment problem

    It turns out that the update to WordPress 1.5 exposed an incompatability in our comments system. For now we’re using the default WP 1.5 layout while we fix it. At least commenting is working again. Please leave a comment so I can test it. Our regular design will return shortly.

  • Motivated

    I was driving into the office today. Given it’s a 50km trip each way, I usually either listen to a talk on tape (or CD) or I drive and think in silence. I actually like the thinking time. I was pondering why I’m struggling with myself to get to the office. Sure a 100km communte […]

  • eBay scammers and phishing

    kasia in a nutshell had the unpleasant experience of a scammer using her lovely photo of a lake to sell some land on eBay. Follow her wonderfully nasty solution via the link, As an eBay Power Seller I hate throw away bidding accounts. But throwaway scammers are worse. It would have been tempting to bid […]