Month: March 2005

  • 3am Phone conference

    It’s 4am and I’ve just finished a seminar in the US. The subject is What’s New in Marketing. Interestingly I attended via international phone conference while following the Powerpoint presentation on the web. I was dialled into the conference via a phone card for the first half. At 2cents per minute it’s a hard to […]

  • Comment spam

    Since the upgrade to WordPress 1.5 I’ve lost my usual comment spam filters. Until I get caught up there is a risk your comment may be lost in the noise. If it doesn’t show up within a day please email me and I’ll try to resurrect it.

  • Check your website

    As this is my personal blog I don’t regularly do health checks on it. A health check includes clicking every link and interactive step on the process. If you run a business with an online presence this is an essential regular step. Don’t wait for the log entries to alert you, and most users wont […]