Month: February 2005

  • Upgrade to WordPress 1.5

    WordPress, the software running this blog, was upgraded to version 1.5 That’s fantastic news as the new features look exciting. However the template system changes are non-trivial. After breaking it, I found these WordPress Upgrading 1.2 to 1.5 Instructions which got everything working properly again. It is a bit tricky – it isn’t obvious that […]

  • Moving by July

    Nella and I can no longer stand the place we live in. We moved here as a temporary rental while we looked for something we liked and the market sorted itself out. Six months to a year and we’d then buy a bargain home. Having two young kids I wanted a house and a yard. […]

  • Do what you love: love what you do

    I’ve been thinking about what I do for a living. Larry Madill, a blogger in Los Angeles breaking into the film industry, asked inlearning curves: Now I wonder… Is that an impossible goal? Is it impossible to love what you do? Does it get so far under your own skin that eventually you get so […]

  • Kitchen Renovation

    One of the small investment units kitchen is in a bad way. It is showing its age and the cupboard doors under the sink are water damaged. I’ll see if I can get some digital photos. The quote from the property manager’s handyman came in at $350 to supply and fit two cupboard doors! I […]

  • An organised life

    In my Time Management post last year, I resolved to use my old Palm pilot to track my calendar. That didn’t work very well. Mainly I was jumping between two desktop computers and my laptop, while my Palm V was already 4 years old. The technology was not reliable nor flexible enough. I recently bought […]