Writing Affidavits

I pride myself in being an internet power user. I think I can research most things on the net very well. I’ve had to draft an Affidavit for the succession wars and so I thought “surely this is something I can discover on the net” Ha! I found definitions and some general (albeit useful) guidelines. […]

ASIC Closes Loan Calculators

I’m not a big fan of ASIC while its bureaucrats’ policies and legislative interpretations mollycoddle investors from taking responsability for their investment education and decisions. The Financial Services Reform Act created an nearly insurmountable obstacle for small business. Every business must hold a licence. Licencing and compliance is a nightmare. But this not a rant. […]

Andre Weil’s Law of Academic Hiring

Following on from my Brains or Money posts, I came across a quote be Andre Weil. After a bit of research I found Patrick Moore‘s page for the Society for a Return to Academic Standards, Little Rock Chapter where he presents Andre Weil’s Law of Academic Hiring French mathematician Andre Weil once mentioned an unconscious […]

Auctioneers in Administration

During my quiet time Mason Gray Strange Auctioneers and Valuers Pty Ltd (of Condell Park NSW) appointed a voluntary administrator. They owe us less than $50.00 so it’s not worth attending any of the creditors meetings. I’m too busy with my own legal defense to pay attention to someone else’s restructuring. The sloppy reporting on […]

Ziggyswarehouse.com.au live

After a long and challenging journey (or at least several vodka’s too many) I’ve started at Ziggy’s Warehouse. Its URI is http://ziggyswarehouse.com.au. The online store is mostly finished and ready for testing (most of the products aren’t loaded yet). Lots of design changes on the way. I’ll post on Ziggy’s business at the Ziggy’s blog, […]