Month: May 2004

  • Mikes Weblog for Entrepreneurs

    Welcome to blogsphere Mike Nicholls. Mike writes Mikes Weblog for Entrepreneurs I’ve known Mike for a while now and he is a smart operator who can change your thinking on life and business. There should be some interesting sales, marketing and technical tips there. Mike also reads multiple books at a time, and curently halfway […]

  • General Auction Preparations

    I went through the list of stock sent to MGS Auctions today. They wanted my price expectations. This isn’t a reserve as such, rather the target prices that would see me giving them more product to sell. The target prices are well below cost, but at least it frees space in our warehouse and turns […]

  • Auction clearance

    The guys from Mason Gray Strange Auctioneers came around on Monday and picked up two truckloads of stuff for auction in their rooms. That’s about 14 pallets and should go in their auction next week (I think Monday 10th May). In Bexley we sold about 5100 units in 12 weeks. We shipped about 4100 to […]