Month: April 2004

  • Housing credit angst

    The drive time media is full of hue and cry tonight. According to RBA financial aggregate statistics released today, credit for housing grew 2.1 per cent in March and 23.9 per cent annually. Initial media reaction on radio said that result defied predictions and accordingly put fresh upward pressure on interest rates. The AFR online […]

  • Iraq

    It is good to feel something deeply. It adds perspective to my life and reminds me of the important stuff. Two external yet personal Iraq events touched me. I found Bob Zangas’ Journey In Iraq blog over the new year break. It wasn’t a daily read but a good site to check occassionally. I’d seen […]

  • Bexley warehouse

    It’s the end of April and I haven’t posted aside from getting the blog functional. Nothing on Psychology of the Deal this month, I’m too tired to be philosophical or insightful. It’s been a busy month. On March 12 we opened a clearance warehouse in Bexley on a short term lease to clear excess inventory. […]

  • Entries restored

    I’ve restored the main entries for the blog. Interestingly the corruption appears to have been in the category related to the succession wars. Comments are not fully restored yet (and may never be). But at least we’re operational again. Please advise of anything strange