Month: December 2003

  • Happy Christmas

    Seasons greetings to all. I have been working on the next fortune – only it is nothing I can share until everything clicks. Hopefully I’ll blog about it afterwards. Between now and 5 Jan 2004 I hope to do nothing related to business or investing. Well except for some reading, planning and thinking. The aim […]

  • Winning Business

    As expected, the traffic to the warehouse sale has dropped off over the last six weeks. Two weeks ago, I asked our advertising sales rep at Fairfax Community Newspapers to radically change the look of our ads. We really liked the first design they produced for us, but it was time for a change. We […]

  • Business Software Blues

    I’ve decided I cannot run the company for another year using our dumb software. We use MYOB for financials and a custom written stock control system that doesn’t integrate to anything. Because we run multiple warehouses and supply consignment stock to distributors, MYOB can’t handle it. We can go for a proprietary solution. But that […]

  • Shutting down WA

    I shut down my Perth warehouse last week. The week before they had reported sales of $74.55. For that I paid rent on a warehouse and a retainer for the Manager. The bloke over there seemed more interested in getting toner for the photocopier than generating sales or distributors. The warehouse sale in Sydney keeps […]