Month: November 2003

  • Get a lawyer son

    I was in court on Friday for the Geezer’s assault on me. The staff who were witnesses were also subpoenaed to appear. He denied punching me or hitting me with an office chair, but admitted only pushing and shoving me. However they argued he was a fine citizen an a pillar of the community. They […]

  • Making tough decisions

    My Western Australian operation is a mess. The manager I have over there was a fantastic sales rep and a all round good bloke. Unfortunately he isn’t generating the results I am after. I don’t think it is his fault as such, but he obviously isn’t the right guy for the difficult job of turning […]

  • New Name Needed

    I’ll need to rebrand the book, toy and gift company in the new year for two reasons. I’m not talking about or Wealth Esteem brands here. Firstly I cannot get a good trademark on our current brand names. That means that any brand equity I build is at risk to similar named companies or […]

  • Warehouse sale continued

    Last weekend’s sale was 60% better than I’d hoped. At 11am on Saturday people were lined up nine deep at the cash register. As a result, I’ve rebooked the ads and we’re on again over the next two weekends. The ad booking got messed up for this weekend so we are only in one local […]

  • Fantastic result

    The absence of posts is because the warehouse sale was a hit. Details later as I’m late for a meeting. I haven’t had time to pause since the last entry. I am very happy