Month: May 2003

  • Be accountable

    One of the hardest things about this blog is that the succession wars are depressing. After a few hours of working on the company, I then get to deal with the latest salvo from my father. This takes the form of contact with staff, family, lawyers or accountants. So far he’s told his skewed view […]

  • Balance and Obsession

    Peter FitzSimons in Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald had this great quote: “While it’s important to have balance in your life, it takes a certain obsessiveness to be outstanding.” Former Hockeyroo coach Ric Charlesworth in the latest issue of Inside Sport. And this, dear friends, is the key problem with modern sport. I won’t comment on […]

  • New server

    Over the weekend the old server crashed and mostly died. We replaced it with a new server and things should be faster and more stable. Let me know if you see a performance improvement or not.

  • 10 ideas on starting with no job

    With damn hard WORK (not JOB) how to go from 0 to 5 investment properties. Assumptions it wont happen fast unless you’re lucky – in which case you didn’t need to follow any plan. You will work harder than anybody with a job to get the same initial results. I’d guess it will take about […]