Month: September 2002

  • Crystallizing losses

    I recently read a piece of marketing fluff posing as research from a financial advisor. It recommending holding firm in the face of losses in the stock-market to benefit from the bounce back. A lot can be learned from how an investor reacts to losses and continuing uncertainty. One option is to hold tight. All […]

  • Sell 5745 ALZ @ 1.44

    The pre-determined sell point is reached and my sell order kicks in. As I held for more than 45 days I am eligible for the franking credit. I’ve held for 46 days ;). Return before franking credits 0.03 Dividend 0.04 trading gain 0.07 on 1.40 = 5% for 46 days holding (before brokerage). $402.15 (0.07 […]

  • Foray into CBA Warrants

    A broker from my past called me. He’d changed brokerages with the closure of Barton Capital and asked me if I had a full-service broker. I said I’d give him a go. Full service brokers can be useful in the following areas: 1) Trading out of market hours; 2) Accessing research; 3) Short selling and […]

  • Strange questions from smart people

    I was writing and publishing paper-based ‘zines and newsletters back when the Apple Macintosh was first released. They were a beautiful piece of kit and introduced the phrase WYSISYG to the world (What You See Is What You Get). Strangely, new writers asked published authors which computer to buy to write their novel. Did you […]