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Official Letter from BSD Administration

I received this message via the Contact page.

I wish I knew who wrote it, but it states no name or capacity beyond “represent”. The [redacted] email address used to post the message is a generic role-based address not usually used for such communication. It doesn’t state the legal entity or address of the entity. That makes it hard to respond. Will the writer please comment below with those details so I can respond?

Subject: Official Letter from BSD Administration
Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 9:07 PM
From: BSD Trade Services <[redacted]> sent this message via the Contact page
To: WealthEsteem
Message-ID: <>


This is an official letter from BSD Trade Services Corp. administration, on behalf of the company I represent, BSD Trade Services Corp., I would like to denounce all claims and allegations the company is receiving from your site. BSD Trade Services Corp. is a BPO operating firm that provides diversified services to various types of industries. Our services include outbound call center for accounts opening financial institutions, customer support that receives inbound calls, digital marketing, and first deposit services. The firms we provide services to include financial institutions as banks, online trading companies, and insurance companies.

However, the services we provide to HQ broker do not, and should not, reflect the entirety of BSD in any way; reiterating that HQ broker is not the only company we cater.

BSD neither handles HQ broker’s clients nor their clients’ accounts and/or funds. Our company also does not give financial advice to HQ broker itself or to their clients; our company does not provide HQ broker financial services, ergo ensuring that we are not involved to any of their transacting activities. BSD yields only the services available in our company, and we do not offer HQ broker further proceedings beyond what I have mentioned.

I attest that our company fulfills its obligations and responsibilities in practicing all laws and regulations stated from our country’s Department of Labor and Employment.

Furthermore, all claims stated heretofore to our company are false and should therefore be removed as we stand to retain the company’s upright name and reputation. It would be of our complete right to institute legal proceedings should any comments, reviews, or claims against BSD is not discarded or removed.

We await your action and response.

BSD Trade Services Corp.

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