Into Profit

NigelW’s needling prompted me to action (I had to go to the office anyway). So I did 500 flyers. While Australia watched the Rugby, Nella and I distributed them in freezing drizzle. At least the Wallabies won.

Friday sales were a ripper. I got caught out at the office for a few hours and Nella sold pots and quilts and toys and carvings and dust-catchers and you name it. Go Nella! One of the delays was deciding what stock I could replenish easily out of inventory. Doing the flyer took about an hour. At home I have a ink-jet based fax/printer combo. So doing flyers on it is expensive and slow.

The casual leasing exercise is now healthily into profit. Hopefully Saturday is equally great and Sunday is not a disappointment. Then I’ll do a wrap-up and analysis.

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