Free Favours

On occassion I’ve bought lunch for an entrepreneur or investor for in return for the opportunity to pick their brain. It is a fascinating and rewarding passtime. So when I read Philis Rockower’s latest Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles newsletter, I got a short sharp shock.

Many newbies always expect they can take a veteran investor out to lunch to learn the business. Most
veteran investors won’t do this, unless they are fairly certain you will bring them deals.

Philis went on to explain

I know this from personal experience, having taught dozens of newbies the business for FREE, thinking they would come bring me deals. At one point, I woke up to reality – people who don’t pay for their education RARELY USE IT!

Aha! Of course. Am I one those I use it people? I’ve noticed how successful networkers make things happen. More likely I establish my credibility first. If I haven’t got credibility, I had better have the only available lunch reservation this century at the city’s finest restaurant otherwise I’m not buying.

To do me a free favour they have to know that not only will I use it, but make them feel good about my using it.

Sadly too many people don’t value what they haven’t paid for. I went to a free talk last night on health and nutrition. The speaker told me that 75% of people who say they’ll show up don’t. That is the rough truth out there. Are you helping or hindering they cause?

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