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ASX Company Announcements RSS feed

Update 8 June 2011: The twitter feed of all company announcements is now at @mktbot which has an RSS feed. See goosmurf’s comment below for a Yahoo Pipes piggy back.

Update 31 July 2009: I may have a solution, stay tuned and comment below if you want this. Alternatively use my contact form.

Update 2007: This RSS feed has been pulled while goosmurf works out a different way to achieve this.

goosmurf has created a brilliant RSS feed of ASX Company Announcements where you can specify the company codes that interested you. So if you want to track just the announcements of, say, BHP Billiton (or your own portfolio) you can add the ASX codes to the feed address and just get just those announcements.

Now there are quite a few RSS feeds of all ASX announcements available elsewhere, but I don’t want to track all 1600 ASX-listed company’s announcements. This is the first RSS implementation I’ve found to let me track just the companies I want.

There are also web-based and email alerts out there, but I was looking for an RSS solution.

Sell & Buy 5265 BHP @ 8.60

I haven’t heard if this deal went through at the market close but I assume it did. I basically sell and buy back at the same price thereby chrystalising some losses on BHP for the end of financial year.

The options trades have been profitable so the entire position wasn’t too bad until this week. Fund managers sold whatever they could to set themselves up for next year.

I probably should not have bought BHP back but I’m enjoying the options writing. And I think it’s a profitable strategy.

R.I.P. Hartleys (non-WA)

Well Hartleys is no more (unless you live in WA). Bummer really, as they were my full service broker and that’s how I did my options trading. I can move either with my broker to a new firm or go fully on-line and use Commsec.

Full service brokers are good for after-market trades and occassional heads up calls. I value being able to buy stock at 4:30 in the afternoon, but I’m not keen on their commissions. So the deal must be worth it. Heads-up calls are normally marketing guff designed to drum up business. I don’t like them too much but I have made some money thanks to them.

I’ll set up an account at the new brokerage but will trade options via Commsec (that’s assuming I like Commsec’s options trading interface). I’ll let you know when I do that. Meanwhile I have a huge stack of forms to fill in for the new broker 🙁

Incomplete BHP trades

I haven’t noted a few trading attempts that didn’t come off recently. Mainly because I was too busy to write something that didn’t happen. With hindsight I think that was slack — trades that don’t come off are still an attempt to trade.

As BHP fell to $9.07 (1 April) I put a buy order to close my BHP April 9.73 calls. I bid $0.02 but they found support at $0.03 (remember I’m buying so it didn’t reach my offer).

My broker called me Monday (7 April) to regret not getting out at $0.03 (April calls have been firming since). I was a little frustrated, my strategy allowed me to pay $0.03. If I’d closed out I could have written a new call for $0.20-$0.30 premium. I wasn’t too fussed as I’m still in profit.

Today BHP April 9.73 calls closed at $0.05, so I think they’ll expire worthless. Sure I missed an opportunity to trade and gain about $0.25 before commissions. However thou shalt not overtrade has been tatooed under my eyelids.

Sell 5 BHP Apr 9.73 Calls @ 0.20

I can’t add! In the last article on option trading, I said my net premiums on BHP were $0.495. The numbers given add up to $0.595! Actually now that I’ve checked my trading statements the after commission premiums are $0.4593.

I pulled out my written trading strategy ;). It told me to write 5 BHP April 9.73 calls for $0.20. The cummulative after-commission premium is now 0.6374 and I am in profit at above $9.35

If BHP falls back down to below 9.00 I’m in the red again.

Buy 5 BHP March 9.49 Calls @ 0.05

That represents $0.17 x 5265 to close out the position. As these are covered calls I own 5625 BHP against which I write these calls. Since doing this BHP has gone from $9.95 to close today at $8.93 so it’s fallen $1.02 (my average buy price was below $9.95).

In the same time I’ve earned net premiums of 0.24, 0.185 and 0.17, or 0.495 all up (less commissions). So I’m facing a net loss. I don’t feel bad about this as I think BHP should bounce back nicely. There is a risk of overtrading here.