Casual Leasing – Wrap-up

As I posted earlier Friday sales were a ripper. Saturday sales were 70% of Friday’s and quite good. Sunday was one sale short of being the third best day, so I tasted bitter disappointment.

Daily Sales as a percentage of Total Sales

Monday		  5.1%
Tuesday		13.5%
Wednesday	8.6%
Thursday	10.8%
Friday		   27.1%
Saturday	22.6%
Sunday		 12.3%

Rent was 35.2% of sales, I’d have liked it at 20%-25%. Had we done that sort of number I’d have pulled distributors off the road and put them into shopping centres.

I think we should have handed out flyers to everybody who stopped by. It should have included a phone number, web address and pricelist for this week only. This would have been another sales attempt once the prospect gets the flyer home as well as driving traffic to the phones and web-site. That response rate could then be measured.

As a first try, in school holidays and with a public holiday Monday I am somewhat impressed with the results. We cleared product and made some money.

I describe it as better than I feared and worse than I dared hope. So now we need to try it again somewhere.

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